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Christianity And Islam In Spain

by C.r. Haines

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CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM IN SPAINC. R. HAINES, M.A.AUTHOR OK ENGLAND AND THE OPIUM TRADE EDUCATIWNI MISSIONS VERSIONS IN VERSE.TABLE OF CONTENTS.CHAPTER I.Invasion of Spain by the barbariansIts easy conquestQuarrels among theconquerorsDeparture of the VandalsVisigoths gain the supremacyConflict with Eastern EmmreReduction of the SueviAll Spain becomes GothicApproach of SaaoOTsPlanting of Christianity in SpainStJamesGospel first preached at ElviraIrenaeusPersecutionsMartyrsCouncil of ElviraCouncil of N iceNumber of ChristiansPaganismproscribedJulianArianism Ulphilas Conversion of barbariansDegeneracy of religionPriscillianHis heresy condemnedPriscillianburntPaganism, in SpainThe Gothic GovernmentChurch and StatePower of kingElection of bishopsArianism of GothsErmenegildBigotry in SpainJewsInfluence of clergyOf the popeCHAPTER II.Period of Gothic ruleDegeneracy of GothsCauses of their fallBattle ofGuadaleteResistance of townsTheodornirRemnant in the NorthMohammedanismIts rise and progressReduction of AfricaSiege ofConstantinopleAttacks on SpainTarifArabs in GaulAnarchy inSpainChristians in the NorthClemency of the ArabsTreatiesConquest easyRhapsodies of IsidoreSlavesJewsImpartiality ofArab governorsKhalifate establishedFeuds of Arabs and BerbersRevolt of BerbersSyrian ArabsSettlement of ArabsEffect of Berberwars... CHAPTER III.Landing of AbdurrahmanKhalifate of CordovaCondition of ChristiansPrpselytismApostatesArabs and SpaniardsEvidence of ChristianwritersCondition of the peopleSerfsNo revoltsNo solidarity withthe Christians in the NorthRelations wkh Arabs at first friendlyThejehad in SpainMartyrs in battleFabulous martyrAnambad, firstmartyrPeter of NajumaNo other till 824John and AdulphusCauses of Martyrdoms Amalgamation of the two peoples IntermarriageChildren of mixed parentsNunilp and AlocliaMania formartyrdomVoluntary martyrdomsThe Spanish confessorsThreateneddeterioration in the ChurchChristianity infected with Moslem customsReligious fervour in conventsFanaticism, of monksFresh martyrsPerfectus, John, IsaacArab inability to understand the motives of thesemartyrsCauses of fanaticismSanctusPeterWalabonsus, etc. . . 2540CHAPTER IV,Flora and MariaTheir adventuresTrialMeet Eulogius in prison Their executionOther martyrsHidden ChristiansAurelius, Sabigotha, etc. Plan for procuring martyrdomMiracle in prison Execution Other, martyrsDeath of Abdurrahman II.Mohammed I.MartyrsProdigy upon their executionOutrage in a mosquePunishment of offendersApprehension of kingMeditates a persecutionEven a massacreberiesof martyrdomsCloister of Tabanos suppressedColuniba, PomposaAbundius a true martyrOthers martyredCensor of CordovaPersecution and death of RudericEulogiusParentage and antecedentsOpposes amalgamation of Arabs and ChristiansEncourages learning otLatinImprisonmentElected Bishop of ToledoAgain imprisonedTrialExecutionHis relics.........CHAPTER V.



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