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The Road To Damascus

by Joseph Pierre

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Book Description
If you have any interest in the meaning of life, the human spirit, or life after death, this is a book you must read...

Advance praise for The Road to Damascus:

"...A manuscript of astonishing power and merit...the most balanced, wise and consoling account of a personal encounter with the source of reality that I have ever read or ever expect to read this side of the New Testament." John Cantwell Kiley, M.D., Ph.D., author of Self Rescue, Equilibrium and Einstein, and Aquinas: A Rapprochment.

"The newcomer to these concepts could do no better than to read this book; it is sparely crafted with no extraneous material to detract from its thesis." The Monterey Peninsula Herald, Monterey, California

From the Author
It ia with dismay that we read the published remarks of some critics that describe The Road to Damascus as an exposition of Christianity or the Bible. It is in no way an apologia for Christianity, nor are there any quotations from the Bible, except for the quote from the Acts of the Apostles, as follows: "And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven.." which was simply intended to show the origin of the title, and to represent the nature of the personal epiphany which led to the writing of the book. It was titled in Christian terms only because the United States--its primary market--is mainly a Christian country, and the title was therefor chosen to resonate with an American audience. It is a phrase that most understand.

The book is not Christian in nature, and even a cursory reading should make that clear--although it is certainly not antagonistic to the Christian faith, or any other for that matter. It is, rather, a book about the phenomenon known as "enlightenment," which concept is more typical of Hinduism or Buddhism, and it is based not upon intellectual study, but rather upon the author's own experience. While the message of the book is ancient, and it breaks no new ground intellectually, it has the perhaps unusual quality of being based upon my own experience, rather than a genesis in the scripture of any religion.

Joseph H. Pierre

About the Author
Joseph Pierre is biographed in the current Who's Who in America, as well as several other similar volumes, national and international, as a commercial artist, cartoonist, editor, and author.

In 1945, at the age of sixteen, he hitchhiked to San Francisco from his home in Olympia, Washington, and shipped out in the merchant marine as a member of the "black gang" (a fireman in the boiler room) on the S.S. Tacoma, a tramp freighter. On his seventeenth birthday, he joined the United States Navy, where he served in aviation until he was retired during the Korean war with service-connected disabilities.

He soloed aircraft at the age of sixteen and is an advanced scuba diver; he has operate large semi-trucks and other heavy equipment; he was a prison officer and vocational instructor for twenty years, and was editor and publisher of a weekly international trade journal for professional cartoonists. A graduate of a four-year commerical art school in Portland, Oregon, he operated his own commercial art studio for ten years in Monterey, California, employing five assistants.

At the age of 39, Joe built his own 36 foot ketch-rigged sailboat in his backyard in Oregon, and with his wife and five children sailed the Pacific Coast for a couple of years. Their last achorage was Monterey, California where they sold the "Wild Goose."

When he was 48, in 1977, Joe had a spontaneous mystical experience which, he says, changed his entire outloook on life. Until then, he considered himself to be a practical, pragmatic, hard-headed businessman who would have laughed if anyone had referred to him as a mystic.

In California, he also met Dr. John Cantwell Kiley, author of the then best-selling book, Self Rescue, from whom he took a college philosophy course. He introduced Dr. Kiley, who holds doctorates in both medicine and philosophy, to the mystical experience which is the subject of this book. Kiley has characterized it as the event that changed his life.

In 1990, Joe Pierre retired and now lives in Oregon with his wife, near his five grown children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.



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