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Server Load Balancing

by Tony Bourke

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An increasing number of shops are putting clustering and load-balancing technologies into place so as to provide high availability and an economic way to scale server capacity. The slender Server Load Balancing explains the state of the art in multiple-server technologies implemented at Layers 4 and 5 on the OSI network model. Though author Tony Bourke includes a fair bit of good information on configuring four commercial load-balancing solutions, the most valuable part of his work is his high-level discussions of how load balancing fits into a larger network environment, and his explanations of the relative merits of alternative approaches to the problem. A comparison of flat-based solutions with designs based on Network Address Translation (NAT) is part of this book's value; further appeal takes the form of dozens of network diagrams that document typical working solutions.

Bourke shows his familiarity with real-life design constraints by documenting various load-balancing solutions and pointing out what each can do for an organization--he points out that a host that implements a NAT-based balancing solution can double as a firewall, thereby saving some money that would have been required for a dedicated security device. He also provides introductory material on the competing solutions' administration interfaces, enabling implementers to get a head start on their work without wading into vendor documentation. --David Wall

Topics covered: The problems presented by requirements for high availability and failover, and the solutions that server load balancing can provide. In addition to general information on flat- and NAT-based load balancing solutions, this book documents strategies for implementing Alteon WebSystems, Cisco CSS, F5 BIG-IP, and Foundry ServerIron.

Book Description
Load balancing improves network performance by distributing traffic efficiently so that individual servers are not overwhelmed by sudden fluctuations in activity. Server Load Balancing is a guide to this critical component of high availability, clustering, and fault tolerance, all of which provide the infrastructure for reliable Internet sites and large corporate networks. Much of the information on load balancing comes from vendor-specific manuals that use inconsistent terminology and are often biased toward the products they cover. Server Load Balancing explains to engineers and technicians the concepts and terminology of load balancing and offers practical guidance for planning and implementing it in almost any environment. It includes a configuration guide with diagrams and sample configurations for installing, configuring, and maintaining products from the four major vendors:

  • Alteon WebSystems
  • Cisco's CSS Series (formerly ArrowPoint)
  • F5's BIG-IP
  • the Foundry ServerIron series
By comparing several load balancing products, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the technology and how best to use it to improve your network performance. No system administrator responsible for traffic management should be without this practical guide.

Book Info
Offers network administrators guidance on server load balancing. Features definitions of load balancing concepts and terms, strategies for implementing NAT-based or flat-based architectures, and quick-reference network diagram examples. Also includes a quick-reference configuration guide for multiple load-balancing vendors. Softcover.



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