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The quiltmaker's gift

by Brumbeau

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About Book

From Publishers Weekly
As intricately worked as a patchwork quilt, de Marcken's (Born to Pull) fanciful watercolors are the highlight of this somewhat pedestrian fable. Rich but dissatisfied, a king demands a quilt from a gifted quiltmaker, but she refuses unless he gives away all his material possessions. The irate monarch twice attempts to punish her but both times she foils him. Finally he agrees to her demand, growing progressively happier with each thing that he gives away. Brumbeau's overlong tale treads a well-worn trail here, hampered by bursts of overwrought prose ("the king's great sunny laugh made green apples fall and flowers turn his way"). The artwork achieves a dizzying, quilted look with lush full-page illustrations in cotton-candy colors sharing a spread with saucy vignettes; "the king could not sleep" for instance, inspires a droll four-panel peek at the restless fellow tossing and turning in bed. De Marcken pays homage at every turn to the quiltmaker's craft. Each section of text appears on a plain cream "block" with stitching around the edges, and the endpapers sport an array of labeled quilt patterns. Ages 4-8. (Oct.)
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From School Library Journal
Grade 1-4-A charitable seamstress makes beautiful quilts that she gives to the needy and poor. When a greedy king hears of the marvelous creations, he demands that she sell him one. She refuses, but says that she will give him one if he gives away all of his possessions. The angry monarch tries to force her to bend to his will. Unsuccessful, he begins to travel the world giving away his amassed treasures. When he returns to the village, a happier man in ragged clothing, she presents him with a beautiful quilt. The sweet story will warm the hearts of readers, but it is the illustrations that bring the book to life. The realistic watercolors are a patchwork of rich, vibrant color. They resonate with fabric patterns, though the overall effect is slightly busy. Each spread includes a corresponding pattern (the Bear's Paw block reflects the quilter's encounter with a bear). One spread has many quilt-block names hidden in the pictures; unfortunately, the search game detailed on the verso of the dust jacket will be lost to libraries that cover it in plastic. A useful book for teaching values or for quilt units.
Angela J. Reynolds, Washington County Cooperative Library Services, Aloha, OR
Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Parents' Choice®
The illustrations are a bit crowded at times, and the moral of the story a bit too blatant, but this book has heart and an unforgettable story. The king collects things, every thing that he finds beautiful, but he does not have a quilt from the old quiltmaker in the mountains. She only gives these renowned treasures to the poor, and his greed is aroused. Product of a small press, this lovely work demonstrates its own credo, that "treasures" can sometimes be found on those far mountain tops. A 2000 Parents' Choice® Silver Honor winner.

Reviewed by Yvonne Coleman, Parents' Choice® 2000

From Booklist
A generous quilt maker and a greedy king provide the grist for a delightful moral tale. An old woman crafts exquisite quilts that she gives only to the poor. The king loves possessions and demands gifts. When he learns the quilt maker has not given him a gift, he demands a quilt. She refuses. Soldiers can't convince her, nor does being chained inside a bear's cave or being abandoned on a tiny island. She'll agree only if he gives away all his things. For each gift he gives, she will sew a piece in his quilt. At first, he can part only with a marble. But the more he gives, the more joy he discovers. The lush, colorful illustrations, which include 250 patterns hidden in the pictures, feature dazzling displays of the king's gifts and the quilts that will keep children happily entertained. Included is notation of a Web site, with information about quilting, the illustrator, and the author, and reference to other stories about generous people. A puzzle poster is printed on the inside of the jacket. Shelley Townsend-Hudson

From Kirkus Reviews
A sentimental tale overwhelmed by busy illustrations and rampant pedantry. A gifted quiltmaker who makes outstanding quilts never sells her wares, but gives them away to the poor. A greedy king so loves presents that he has two birthdays a year, and commands everyone in the kingdom to give him gifts. Everyone brings presents till the castle overflows; the king, still unhappy, locates the quiltmaker and directs her to make him a quilt. When she refuses he tries to feed her to a hungry bear, then to leave her on a tiny island, but each time the quiltmaker's kindness results in her rescue. At last, the king agrees to a bargain; he will give away his many things, and the quiltmaker will sew him a quilt. He is soon poor, but happier than he's ever been, and she fulfills her end of the bargain; they remain partners forever after, with her sewing the quilts and him giving them away. The illustrations are elaborate, filled with clues to quilt names. A note points to the 250 different quilt names hidden in the picture on the inside of the book jacket. (Picture book. 6-10) -- Copyright ©1999, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

Book Description
The Quiltmaker's Gift celebrates the quilting tradition, the value of generosity, and the spirit of community in a beautiful and touching fable for our times. This richly illustrated picture book celebrates the joy of giving and gently emphasizes the age-old truth that material wealth does not necessarily buy happiness. The Quiltmaker's Gift is a heartwarming children's fable, a celebration of quilters and quilting, and a challenging adult parable all wrapped into one.

A wise and generous quiltmaker, with magic in her fingers and love for humanity in her heart, sews the most beautiful quilts in the world-and gives each one away for free to a needy recipient. A greedy king, his castle overflowing with riches and treasures, never smiles-and yearns for the one thing that will bring him laughter and happiness. As the story unfolds, the reader watches the king learn the most valuable lesson of his life. Under the quiltmaker's guidance, the king is transformed as he gives away his precious things all around the world. He learns the true meaning of happiness by bringing joy to the lives of others. He finally begins to smile.

This charming fable is brought to stunning visual life by the beautiful bursting illustrations, which leap off every page of the book. The artist's years working for the Peace Corps are richly reflected in her art work, showing characters and adventures in all the colors of the world-as rich and varied as the crazy quilts made by the quiltmaker. Each page also highlights a different traditional quilt block pattern , the name of which relates to the unfolding story. Hundreds of subtle messages and intriguing substories are embedded in the art, inviting new discoveries reading after reading.

The reverse side of the book jacket features a dramatic puzzle poster showing the king's amazing collection of stuff. Gail de Marcken has pictured 250 different quilt block names among the treasure trove.

Card catalog description
When a generous quiltmaker finally agrees to make a quilt for a greedy king but only under certain conditions, she causes him to undergo a change of heart.

From the Publisher
Pfeifer-Hamilton is proud to present another book in the spirit of our award winning bestseller, Old Turtle. One percent of the revenue from The Quiltmaker's Gift will be donated to worldwide projects that implement the spirit of generosity portrayed by the quiltmaker and the king.

Visit the quiltmaker and the king online at http://www.QuiltmakersGift.com where you will find: Puzzles and games from The Quiltmaker's Gift; Stories of generosity from around the globe; Quilt block lore and quilting activities for all ages; Contests and prizes; Conversations with the author and artist.

About the Author
Author, Jeff Brumbeau, lives in Chicago and Taos with his wife, Marcia, and their cats, Lou the Alley Cat and Sam the Persian. His first children's book, The Man-in-the-Moon in Love, whimsically explores the power of friendship and the value of creative problem solving.

Illustrator, Gail de Marcken, loves playing with fabrics as well as watercolors. She spends leisurely summers in the woods near Ely, Minnesota, and adventurous winters elsewhere in the world with her Peace Corps husband, Baudouin. Her first children's book, Born to Pull, was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award and winner of a Benjamin Franklin award.

Excerpted from The Quiltmaker's Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail De Marcken. Copyright © 1999. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
"Make presents of everything you own," she said, "and then I'll make a quilt for you. With each gift that you give, I'll sew in another piece. When at last all your things are gone, your quilt will be finished."

"Give away all my wonderful treasures?" cried the king. "I don't give things away, I take them." And with that he ordered his soldiers to seize the beautiful star quilt from the quiltmaker.

But when they rushed upon her, she tossed the quilt out the window, and a great gust of wind carried it up, up and away.



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