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Parachuting, United We Fall

by Pat Works And Jan Works

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About Book

PARAMAG No. 139, Decembre 1998
“L’ouvrage de Pat Works couvre tous les aspects …Il propose enfin des elements permettant a chacun d’imaginer sa propre choregraphie...

SKYDIVING, Issue #212, p. 39
"worth the purchase price in knowledge alone-- information … you literally will not find anywhere. It delves into every aspect..."

Book Description
This book is dedicated to uniting relative work parachutists for the promotion of sport parachuting, with thanks to the many contributors who have shared their freefall joy with others through us.

In parachuting, perfect freefall flight is the cognitive goal of relative workers. Perfect freefall flight, i.e. "skydancing" with the wind as performed by practitioners who enjoy the sport, is appreciated by all viewers. It is performed more perfectly by those who understand that the paths of fun and beauty lead to success and fulfillment.

Though a Western sport, the art of freefall relative work has a subtle Eastern character. This is the mystical element of linked mind and body movement, i.e. by mastering the mind, one's bodily movements are mastered. A skydance has a rhythm which you mesh to as you dance with the wind. You can easily fly anything you can imagine ... imagining your flight to be perfect and then following your imagination with your body gives pleasant results. The perfect speed of flight is being there.

You already have the requisite skill for accomplished artful freefall flight if you can appreciate the beauty of skydivers flying together in bright rainbows of flightsuits in a landscape of clouds on a canvas of blue sky. Take this appreciation and paint your own fanciful sky capers.

The purpose of this book is to communicate to you the paths others who share your love for the sky have taken in their search for the secrets of relative work. It has been our primary concern in compiling this book to help you establish habits of mind through which thought impulses can be turned into fulfilling flight experiences.

The only laws of good skydiving are the laws of clear thought. At every stage of development freefallers look into themselves to discover their capacities and with what powers they may fly to make themselves successful and happy.

At its profoundest level, relative work transcends its own teachings and practices, yet at the same time there is no skydiving apart from these practices. The best way to communicate this doctrine, it seemed to us, was to compile a book of authentic doctrines and freefall flight methods from the mouths of the masters themselves -- other relative workers.

Additionally, we selected writings which would provide a fair view of the progress of freefall relative work. Share with us the wonderful store of recorded discoveries, experiences and reflections which parachuting has spawned.

We begin with articles on the technique of skydiving. The first chapter concentrates on the mechanics of freefall flight. Later on, Chapter Seven looks into the philosophy of relative work. Important elements of continuous good skydives are revealed by participants.

Everyone loves good jump stories. All of Chapter Eight concentrates on those special parachuting adventures we like to share and reshare. The middle chapters, Chapters Two through Four, cover competition, gear for relative work, and relative work with open canopies.

Interesting bits and pieces of information are tucked away into Chapter Five. Everything that doesn't easily classify fits here; it is an enjoyable potpourri.

The history of our progress in freefall is recorded in Chapter Six. Here we look back and see that "the way it was" has lessons to teach us so that we may continue to grow.

The last chapter, number Nine, wraps up with musings on sequential relative work, the skydance philosophy, ideas, wisdom and freefall dreams.

The book's original illustrations reflect the contents. On the cover, the little-freefaller stamp metamorphoses into skydivers, just as the skydives painstakingly stamped out on these pages turn into fun in the air. The illustrations mirror these images. Plaudits to non-skydivers designer Jim Bright and illustrator Hugh Dunnahoe for being able to see it through our eyes.

This book owes much to its contributors. Each author shares a special piece of knowledge so that we may all lea

About the Author
Madden Travis "Pat" Works is one of skydiving's grand old men.Jumping since 1961 he is always in the cutting edge. With over seven years of freefly jumps and over 6,000 skydives Works book is well-suited for learning in the xtream sports danger zone. Works has written tow previous skdiving books: the Art of Freefall Relative work (1979) and United we Fall (1978). For more detail on Pat Works see his website.


First Jump 1961 Houston
1st 2-way 1962 Houston
1st Para Commander jump 1965 Houston
first 5-way star 1964 Houston
B-1513 1962 Texas A&M
C-1798 1963 Texas A&M
D-1813 1965 Houston
SCR-561 1970 Z-Hills;
SCS-1 1971 Hinckley
4 stack-663 1976 Perris
Universal Skydiver Award No. 2, 1997 Perris


Skydiving Relative Training, Belgian Ministry of Sports, Maubeuge, France, Summer 1976.

RW Training Camps, Schriudde Fallschirmsport, Meissendorf, Germany, 1977-1978-1979-1980.

Pat Works’ Progressive Training Camps, California, 1978-1979, first in the USA, Training camp for USN Special Warfare Group 1 (Navy Seal Team One).

Training Camp, British Parachute Association, Plymouth, England, 1979.

Pat Works’ Training Course, Party in Paradise II, Hawaii, 1981 Pat Works’ Seminars, first in the USA, Perris, CA,1977-1980, Elsinore 1994

Product Design – Aviation publishing – Own and operate an aviation publishing company (since 1972)Design & Marketing – Developed the flightsuit used by indoor vertical wind tunnels. Design and produce arachuting equipment



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