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A World of Protocols

by Debbie S. Novick

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Keeping up with all the different types of protocols seems close to impossible. For starters, the protocol universe is somewhat unapproachable due to its vastness, even for the information technology professional. But even worse, the darn things seem to be reproducing faster than anyone can keep track of. Luckily, the engineers and academicians at the Israeli-based RADCOM Academy have surveyed the situation and have gathered upwards of 150 protocols under one aptly titled roof: A World of Protocols. In addition, the authors have devoted several chapters to physical interfaces for WAN, LAN, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks.

You won't find a tremendous amount of history or context for the protocols covered within the pages of RADCOM's offering, but you will find quick-and-dirty explanations of the fields, frames, parameters, and packets that inhabit this realm. This book is the perfect companion for digging through product manuals, white papers, and technology articles. --Sarah Roberts-Witt

Book Description
A World of Protocols is a comprehensive review of data communications protocols and technologies for network managers and field service engineers. It contains all the WAN, LAN and ATM protocols (including header structures and background inform! ation) and technologies in use today in data communications networks. For each protocol, it gives a brief description and background information, including the protocol header structure with a definition of each field in the header. This book combines all of this information concerning today's protocols in one publication, providing networking professionals the ability to easily locate specific information that they may require concerning a particular protocol. Information is acquired from the protocol standards as of the time of printing and is presented in an easy to use format.

From the Publisher
The idea for the RADCOM Academy actually came from our many customers. As we became familiar with our customers and their problems, we soon realized that today's networking professionals require more than just state-of-the-art testing equipment. Given the constant growth and changes on the data communications industry, the necessary knowledge is not always at hand. It is readily available from a wide variety of sources, but finding it can be cumbersome. RADCOM is committed to helping you solve your networking problems. Since it's founding, RADCOM has been busy acquiring the knowledge necessary to develop test solutions for today's networking problems. I see this publication, from the RADCOM Academy, as a natural extension of this process. It summarizes our acquired knowledge concerning today's data communications protocols and technologies and presents it in a format, which we hope, will assist today's network managers and field service engineers perform their jobs more efficiently.

From the Back Cover
A World of Protocols. A comprehensive review of data communications protocols and technologies for network managers and field service engineers. Ever find yourself in the field with an unfamiliar protocol? Not sure of the exact header structure of a new, recently defined protocol or even an old forgotten protocol? Constantly find yourself searching every textbook you ever owned or every Internet site you ever heard about to find the length of a particular field? Never again. A World of Protocols is a comprehensive guide to data communications protocols and technologies. An indispensable companion for any developer, field service engineer or network manager, it is a collection of the most useful information concerning today's networking protocols and technologies. Written in a concise and clear format, it contains all the WAN, LAN and ATM protocols (including header structures and background information) and technologies you could possibly meet in your daily and not so daily work. A World of Protocols: essential for all networking professionals contending with multiprotocol multitechnology networks.

Excerpted from A World of Protocols by Debbie S. Novick. Copyright © 1998. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved
PNNI (Private Network-to-Network Interface) is a hierarchical, dynamic link-state routing protocol. It is designed to support large-scale ATM networks. The PNNI protocol uses VPI/VCI 0,18 for its messages. In addition, it uses signalling messages to support connection establishment across multiple networks. The signalling is based on UNI 4.0 and Q.2931. Specific information elements were added to UNI 4.0 in order to support the routing process of PNNI. PNNI Signalling PNNI Signalling contains the procedure to dynamically establish, maintain and clear ATM connections at the private network to network interface or network node interface between 2 ATM networks or 2 ATM network nodes. The PNNI signalling protocol is based on the ATM forum UNI specification and on Q.2931.



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