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Rose Of Jericho, And Other Stories

by Tage Aurell, Trans. By Martin S. Allwood

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50 Questions to Moslems, they can not answer 1- Koran said that the Bible is true, but both books are contradictory, how can be both from the same God? 2- Most of the Koran is taken from the Bible, so why donât Moslems believe in the Bible? 3- Why does not the Koran speak about love? 4- If you teach little children about how Islam started, with much fighting and war, will not kids be violent and aggressive? 5- Mohammad didnât give any prophecy, how can he be a prophet? 6- Why Mohammad and all first leaders of Islam accepted the Bible but new religious leaders teach that the Bible is fake and not original? 7- If the Bible we have is not original, where is the original? 8- How could Mohammad at the age of 55 marry a girl at the age of 8, is it normal? 9- The life of Mohammad is full of killing and fighting and marrying a lot of women, does not that encourage a perverted society? 10- Why women cover their heads when the Koran didnât ask that and it is not a religious duty? 11- Is not it strange that the Koran promises those who die for the sake of God, a garden of Eden with seventy white women? 12- Will you like to give your only daughter for a lot of men who died for Islam? 13- Why Moslems donât believe in Christ who made a lot of miracles in the Koran that no other prophet did? 14- Christ made much more miracles that any other prophet, why Mohammad didnt do any miracle, why then Moslems donât believe in Christ? 15- All the miracles that God may do, Christ did, why then donât Moslems believe in Christ? 16- Christ is the only person who has never sinned even in the Koran, while all other prophets did lot of sins especially murder and killing, why then donât Moslems believe in Christ who is holy and perfect? 17- How could a sinner (Mohammad) who asks the forgiveness of God for his sins, save Moslems and advocate for them in the judgment day? 18- Which is greater, a prophet who died or a prophet who never died, Moslems believe that Mohammad died while Christ didnât die? 19- Religion and belief are reflected in society, is it the horrible situation in the Islamic countries a reflection of their religion and beliefs, why then donât they change their beliefs and therefore, their community is changed? 20- The Islamic countries never invented any machine or technology, is not it because of their religion?. 21- Islam is extended and expanded as a result of bad means: fighting, marriages with Christian girls and having many children, if Islam is from God, why do Moslems need such evil and sly means? 22- What do Moslems think when they know that Christianity was expanded never by force or killing but evangelism and the power of God? 23- When Christians killed others throughout history, they didnât have any support in the Gospel to kill, but arenât Moslems backed up and supported by their religion when they killed others? 24- Moslems want to make the whole world Islamic then boast of that, but do they want the whole world to be like Saoudia Arabia or Yemen or Iran? Do they think the world will be happy? 25- Moslems know that Christians helped and defended Mohammad and Moslems when Islam started, why Moslems today hate Christians and want to kill them and teach that they are lost? 26- When Moslem leaders teach that Christians have a wrong book religion, donât they encourage their people to kill Christians? 27- Why Mohammad prohibited wine while he was washing himself with wine? 28- Mohammad had no sons, he adopted a child called Zeid, Is not strange that Mohammad took the beautiful wife of his adopted son, despite the fact that he married many women? 29- Is not it strange to read that Mohammad got his âdivine inspirationâ when his face put into the lap of his wife at time of menstruation? 30- How can Moslems explain that the Koran allowed the breast sucking of adults by women others than mothers? Women can breast feed any man they want? 31- Koran teaches that any who worships idols or other gods must be killed while Mohammad when he was young worshiped idols, how can we explain that? 32- The best friends of Mohammad were Christian pastors and monks (Pastor Ben Saed el Ayadi, Pastor Waraka Ben Nofel and Monk of Buheiira), is not clear that they taught him the stories of the Bible and he narrated them in literary Arabic? 33- Moslems pretend that the Koran was written in a highly literary language, but was not that the ordinary language of Kuraish (the old city of Mecka)? 34- Why Moslems want Jerusalem when neither Moses nor Mohammad lived in Jerusalem, only Jesus lived there? 35- Is not normal that Moslems built their important mosque of Al â Aqsa on the land of the Jewish temple?, People who do that, are they peaceful and good?. Moslems turned many churches into mosques as well? 36- Is it acceptable by Moslem scholars and leaders to build a mosque in the square of the Christian annunciation church in Nazareth? (where the angel preached to Mary about the birth of Christ). Is that a respect of other people? 37- Why Moslems are angry with the United States that occupied Iraq and Afganistan, Islamic countries, when history tells that Moslems occupied all the Middle East and North of Africa and Spain? Are not both cases bad and uncivilized thing? 38- Why Moslems hate Jews and teach their people to kill them when they know that Moslems started and built their mosque on the ground of the Temple? 39- Why Moslems teach to destroy Israel when the Quraan clearly says that Palestine is for the people of Israel? 40- Is it strange that we read about Mohammad that he tried more than three times to commit suicide? How can such a person save others? 41- Is it strange that the holy Quraan is full of sexual images and terms such as opening, intercourse (Nika7), and women, and speaks about animals (titles of many chapters (Soura) are names of animals.? 42- Why Moslems reject the Christian belief that Jesus is the son of God, claiming that God can not have a son, while Islam uses the terms the hand of God, the face of God, the foot of God?, Can God have hand, face and eyes but not son? They say it is an idiomatic and symbolic language not literal, Christ is not the literal son of God but the one who fully represents God. 43- Is not strange that Moslems donât accept that Jesus died while at least three verses in the Koran say that Jesus died? (they say not literal death!) âJesus says : peace on me when I was born, was dead and was risen againâ (Koran) Is not clear? 44- Moslems want to make the whole world into Islamic and they attack the Christian countries, why then they like so much to live and study in Christian countries and not in Islamic countries?. If they live for example in London, why then they criticize England all the time? 45- Where is the respect for women when Mohammad married many women and he allowed Moslems to marry four women and made divorce so easy (three times divorced makes her divorced)? 46- Is not it funny that Moslems preach and teach every Friday about love, respect and peace while they donât have that in the Koran, they teach good things and morals that Christians teach? I read about marriage at one Islamic site, all the ideas are taken from Christian authors and they say we Moslems believe..? 47- Why Moslems after any discussion or argument with a Christian or a Jew they decide to revenge and kill all those who donât agree with them? Enter the Paltalk in the internet and listen to how Moslems react. Only threatening and promising to kill and destroy. 48- Shouldnât the prophet be morally good and blameless and a godly man? Was Mohammad morally so? 49- How do Moslems reject the sacrifice of Christ as a means of redemption and atonement, and at the same time, they have every year the feast of sacrifice (Al Adha) in which they kill many animals? Is not it similar to what Moses did? 50- Is not it Islam a copy of Judaism? Is not it very similar to Judaism in all things even in small details such as prohibition of wine and of eating pigs, and circumcision and marrying lot of women and killing the enemies? Dear friend, these questions are not provocative to Moslems, they are based on truth and facts, we pray God will open your eyes before it is too late to know Jesus as your personal savior, The Lord Jesus Christ is the only prophet who never kills and never committed adultery, he is the only perfect and holy person, he is the only one who taught about love and forgiveness and he is the only one who loved us while sinners and sacrificed everything for our salvation and redemption. May God bless you. If you have any question or discussion, with pleasure we are open to any talk, just we ask our reader to be honest and humble and ready to change attitude and opinion if God reveals truth to him. Jesus said â : I am the Way, the Life and the Truthâ, for more information enter the website â www.islameyat.com â or Write to Dr. Ahmad: kulel7aq@hotmail.com


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