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The Age of Fable or Stories Of Gods And Heroes

by Thomas Bulfinch

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Thomas Bulfinch's "The Age of Fable; or Stories of Gods and Heroes" is a classic collection of ancient mythology. Is this collection are the following tales: Prometheus and Pandora, Apollo and Daphne-Pyramus and Thisbe-Cephalus and Procris, Juno and her Rivals, Io and Callisto-Diana and Actæon-Latona and the Rustics, Phaëton, Midas-Baucis and Philemon, Proserpine-Glaucus and Scylla, Pygmalion-Dryope-Venus and Adonis-Apollo and Hyacinthus, Ceyx and Halcyone, Vertumnus and Pomona-Iphis and Anaxarete, Cupid and Psyche, Cadmus-The Myrmidons, Nisus and Scylla-Echo and Narcissus-Clytie-Hero and Leander, Minerva and Arachne-Niobe, The Grææ and Gorgons-Perseus and Medusa-Atlas-Andromeda, Monsters: Giants-Sphinx-Pegasus and Chimæra-Centaurs-Griffin-Pygmies, The Golden Fleece-Medea and Æson, Meleager and Atalanta, Hercules-Hebe and Ganymede, Theseus and Dædalus-Castor and Pollux-Festivals and Games, Bacchus and Ariadne, The Rural Deities-The Dryads and Erisichthon-Rhoecus-Water Deities-Camenae-Winds, Achelous and Hercules-Admetus and Alcestis-Antigone-Penelope, Orpheus and Eurydice-Aristæus-Amphion-Linus-Thamyris-Marsyas-Melampus-Musaeus, Arion-Ibycus-Simonides-Sappho, Endymion-Orion-Aurora and Tithonus-Acis and Galatea, The Trojan War, The Fall of Troy-Return of the Greeks-Orestes and Electra, Adventures of Ulysses-The Lotus-eaters-The Cyclopes-Circe-Sirens-Scylla and Charybdis-Calypso, The Phæacians-Fate of the Suitors, Adventures of Æneas-The Harpies-Dido-Palinurus, The Infernal Regions-The Sibyl, Æneas in Italy-Camilla-Evander-Nisus and Euryalus-Mezentius-Turnus, Pythagoras-Egyptian Deities-Oracles, Origin of Mythology-Statues of Gods and Goddesses-Poets of Mythology, Monsters (modern)-The Phonix-Basilisk-Unicorn-Salamander, Eastern Mythology-Zoroaster-Hindu Mythology-Castes-Buddha-The Grand Lama-Prester John, Northern Mythology-Valhalla-The Valkyrior, Thor's Visit to Jotunheim, The Death of Baldur-The Elves-Runic Letters-Skalds-Iceland, The Druids-Iona, and Beowulf.



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