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Arabia felix

by Bertram Thomas

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ARABIA FELIXWITH A FOREWORD BYT. E. LAWRENCE T.E.S.AND APPENDIX BYSIR ARTHUR KEITH, F.R.S., M.D., ETC.CONTAINING ALSOMAPS, CHARTS, DIAGRAMSAND ILLUSTRATIONS COMPLEMENTARYTO THE TEXTFIRST PUBLISHED 1932CONTENTSCHAPTER PAGEFOREWORD xvPREFACE xxiINTRODUCTION xxiiiI. A PROPITIOUS START AND AN EARLYCHECK iEmbarkation Disembarkation The need for secrecyTrouble in the Interior My plans unfolded My envoysleave.II. AT DHUFAR: ANARCHY, TREACHERY ANDHOSPITALITY 8The settled tribes of Dhufar History of Dhufar Tribalanarchy Hegemony of Sultan established Arrival of atyrantA tyrant rules and his sons are murdered Orderrestored Arab instability A visit to Salala A Asocialfunction Giant ancestors The price of freedomAnegro dance The Bathing Chorus.III. SKULL MEASURING AND DEVIL DANCING 22Racial types PreIslamic Ciyilisatioixs A fathers skullTaking headmeasurements Social distinctions A warriors pride, and his needs The Governor of Dhufar Theunco guid in Arabia Exorcism Negro customs Institutions of slavery Mourning ceremonies The dance of the slave girls The climax The evil spirit is exorcised.IV. IN THE QARA MOUNTAINS: AIN AR RIZAT 36Hunting prospects Preparation of specimens Earlier ilisatjons Ancient graves A son of the free Offerings tospirits Pagan cults Lying, picking and stealing A courageous collector Evil spirits Sitting up for hyena.CONTENTSCHAPTER PAGEV. IN THE QARA MOUNTAINS. ANCIENT SURVIVALS AND THE BLOOD SACRIFICE 46Ibn Battutas views Hadoram and Hazramaveth Forestclad mountains Unruly camels Peril from snakes Rockcaves An offer of marriage A pleasant valley A tribaldance A hyena slain Costly mourning ceremonies AnArab wake Local laws of inheritance The wifes dutiesand rights.VL THE QARA MOUNTAINS. HYENAS, FAITHCURES AND CIRCUMCISION. 58Poisonous snakes Food customs The riding camel of awitch The gazelle and the hyena The offence of the ape Demands on my medicine chest Restitutip.a.of,conjugalrights A cure for varicose veins The cautery Theftana pillage Tribesmen and nontribesmen The camelof Salih bin Hut the origin of the Qara Christian traditions Sons of Adam male circumcision Hair customs Female adornments An old ladys handbag Flirtation punished Social conventions love lyrics.VII. THE QARA MOUNTAINS. .EXORCISING THEEVIL EYE AND ORDEAL BY FIRE 77Camping in the mountains Camels and cattle Sheep andgoats Exorcism of the Evil Eye Veterinary methodsThe Qara at KhiyuntLocal law and custom Atonement for blood The law of hospitality The oath on theQuran The ordeal by fire The furnace of affliction.Belief in witchcraft Gossip with a murderer.VIII. THE QARA MOUNTAINS. FAREWELL, 91MaaraJcustrnsA case of snakebite A case for aphysician Lying up for panther The sacrifice of bloodMarriage customs, divorce, remarriage and marriedwomens property Betrothal customs The Bait Qutuntrouble Camp at FuzahMurder in cold blood Thepsychology and ethics of the bloodfeud Morning at ArbotviCONTENTSIX. DHUFAR.



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