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The Scapegoat

by Hall Caine

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Rodgers' novel is poised on the borderline between horror and science fiction; that is, the treatment leans toward horror, but the theme--first contact with aliens--is straight out of sf, with a nod to Steven Spielberg. The plot includes all the classic elements of the alien-contact story: kidnapped humans, rumors of UFOs, secret government projects (not to mention plots), a general going (if not already gone) insane, and so on and so forth. Rodgers arrays these elements with great skill, however; the characterization is outstanding, and the efforts of the alien (the title character) to find her way home will keep readers turning pages. Rodgers will acquire an audience with this one. Horror and sf collections, take note. Roland Green

Book Description
"But often, in the night, Israel would awake to find a little white-robed figure standing beside his bed. Day and night were both alike to her; the darkness was as the light. She could as easily find her way about the great silent house at midnight as at noonday. And so she came to his side and just stood there! 'What she wanted,' Sir Hall Caine says, 'Israel' could never know, for her deafness denied him the power to ask, and her dumbness deprived her of the power to answer. Was she sick or in pain? Or, in her sleep, had she seen a face from the invisible world, and heard a voice that summoned her away? Or had her mother's arms seemed to be about her once again only to be torn from her afresh?' No; it was none of these things! It was just that she was lonely and wanted him?

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"There's a story that goes 'round about strange events outside Roswell, New Mexico, and how they led to a hangar in Ohio and the three dead aliens that lie stored inside it. Most everyone has heard the tale at one time or another. And because it goes 'round the way it does — metamorphosing ever so slightly with every retelling — some people say the tale is nothing but a scrap of modern folklore; a legend alive in every bar and coffee house across the land. Pandora knows better. Pandora knows all about the strange events outside Roswell — and she knows even more about the stranger ones that followed. She knows that there weren't three dead aliens in the wreckage of the doomed ship. Not three, but four. Three dead adults and a single living, breathing infant. That infant was Pandora. Years now the government has raised her in captivity, unknowable and secret inside a classified Air Force Facility in Ohio. This morning Pandora escaped in the dark dark hours before dawn. And through the miracle of modern satellite television, all the world has seen her. And the government wants her back."



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