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The Grand Unified Theory Of Classical Quantum Mechanics

by Randell L. Mills

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Shelby T. Brewer, former Assistant Secretary of Energy, top nuclear official in the Reagan Administration
I grew up and was educated (1960s) in a time when Einstein's lifelong (but unattained) quest for a unified field theory was celebrated rather anecdotally, as a sort of historical curiosity. One spoke of theories as 'tools', or 'models'. The prevailing mentality was 'one model does not fit all.' A model would work and be useful in one set of circumstances but not another; use a model to get practical results, but a pursuit of absolute unifying truth was regarded largely as a waste of candle wax.

Other characteristics of this time in science were intolerance, arrogance, and rigidity. Scientists preened and postured, became intensely political, and delegated the 'doing' of science to students. Science was becoming big science - a big governmental and corporate enterprise - demanding more resources and becoming less accountable." We now have an expensive standing army in American science, marching in place, with little creative, definable mission. Most of what passes for science is merely chauvinism - who has the largest accelerator, etc.

Now along comes Randell Mills. Without expending billions or even millions or even hundreds of thousands of US taxpayers' dollars, Dr. Mills has apparently completed Einstein's quest for a unified field theory. Dr. Mills' theory is presented in his book, The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics (November 1995).

This is a huge achievement for three reasons. First, the Mills Theory tidies up theoretical physics by stitching together quantum mechanics and relativity. That in itself is a major triumph. Second, and more important, the Mills Theory explains several major empirical anomalies that have vexed physicists for decades: the sun's energy balance deficit; the dark matter in space phenomena; and mountains of atomic-electron spectral data that is inconsistent with prevailing theory. Third, the Mills Theory gives rise to the possibility of an inexhaustible energy source based on phenomenology not yet recognized and accepted by the scientific community."

Remarkably, Dr. Mills has developed his theory and its energy generation application as an entrepreneur -- without largesse from the US Government, and without the benediction of the US scientific priesthood. Because his enterprise does not suffer these two impediments, it just might succeed. If so, Mills will be the next Thomas Edison.

Book Description
Physics Theory with Experimental Confirmation. Unification of Maxwell's Equations, Special, and General Relativity.

About the Author
Dr. Mills, the founder and principal stockholder of the Company, has served as President, Director and Chairman of the Board since 1991. Dr. Mills received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in chemistry, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Franklin & Marshall College in 1982 and a Doctor of Medicine degree from Harvard Medical School in 1986. Following a year of graduate work in electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Mills began his research in the field of energy technology. He has authored or co-authored three articles in the field of energy technology that have been published in scientific journals, and a fourth publication is in progress. Dr. Mills has received or filed patents in the following areas: (1) magnetic resonance imaging; (2) Mossbauer cancer therapy; (3) Luminide class of drug delivery molecules; (4) genomic sequencing method, and (5) artificial intelligence. A thorough description of the company's technology and Dr. Mills' underlying atomic theory is published in a book entitled Unification of Spacetime, the Forces, Matter, and Energy (Science Press, 1992) and in his recent book entitled, The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Quantum Mechanics, Science Press, November 1995 Edition and September 1996 Edition.



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