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by William S.carison

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Text extracted from opening pages of book: WILLIAM S. GREENLAND LIES NORTH ILLUSTRATIONS BY PHYLLIS WESLEY NEW YORK THE MACMELAN COMPANY 1940 TO WILLIAM HERBERT HOBBS GOOD FRIEND AND GREAT TEACHER CONTENTS Chapter Page 1. Voyagers I 2. Godhavn 12 3. Arctic Coal Mine 24 4. To Work! 34 5. Balloons, Graves, and Glaciers 42 6. Waiting for Winter 51 7. Week-Ending with Eskimos Winter Tales to Max . 59 8. More Village Life 72 9. What the Well Dressed Eskimo Will Wear .... 79 10. Eskimo Ways and Means 83 11. While Night Approaches 97 12. October Miscellany no 13. Eskimo and Dog Neighbors . 119 14. Twilight 132 15. Of Radios and Kings 149 16. The Long Night 164 17. Beckoned North . 180 1 8. Toughening Up ........... 193 19. Voyage to Augpilartok 204 20. Vacationing 217 21. Last Efforts 230 22. Return 232 23. The Long Night Ends 237 24. Northward Ho! 245 25. Toward Devil s Thumb , 259 26. Ramparts of the Ice Kingdom 268 27. Last Days * * 284 Appendix . , - 291 Acknowledgments 303 Glossary 305 ILLUSTRATIONS Facing Village , . . 28 David Olsen 74 Gustaf 88 Ewa 122 Takamuak . . , 158 Utok Hunting ....*.....,, 206 Susan ,,..... .238 Knud . 282 MAPS Page Greenland Showing Location of Upernivik District P 3 Camp Scott and Vicinity . 35 Upernivik District Showing Route of Winter Sledge Jour ney * * 247 GREENLAND LIES NORTH Chapter I VOYAGERS JULY 3 ist, our last day in civilization. Weather clear and cooL For the first time since the Beothic anchored in North Sydney harbor to take on supplies, her squat soot-caked smokestack belches forth smoke, which drifts away rapidly landward, a brown stain against the blue of the sky. Within a few hours we start with the Beothic on her annual voyage to Arctic waters. Our expedition is on its way to establish a new station near Upernivik for the study of northland winter air currents. Having spent a year in Greenland, I survey the scene calmly. The rest of the expedition is beside itself with repressed excitement; he is Max Demorest, a University of Michigan under graduate, for whom all this is a novel experience not quite to be believed* He stares incredulously around the decks, where a whole barnyard of domestic animals is scrambled promiscuously with hatch covers, winches, barrels, lumber, an assortment of boxes, ten Canadian Royal Mounties in scarlet full-dress uniforms, a student of Eskimo pathology, two artists engaged by the government, an explorer-botanist, and his small granddaughter not to mention the little vessel s harassed crew which labors between despair and heroism in making ready for the North Atlantic. It is a heady setting for our start When at last the bow dips gently under us, then thrustingly into the incoming swells as we point out to sea, I breathe deep of the stinging air. I tell myself it is pure satisfaction that I fed, but my thoughts are confused. Six months have flown by in the excitement and haste of preparation, and now, for the first time, I have a chance to think; indeed, must think. New York nine hundred miles away. The shores of Nova



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