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Plant Propagation

by Walter Davis

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PLANTPROPAGATIONBEING A DESCRIPTION OF THE VARIOUSMETHODS EMPLOYED BY BOTH AMATEURAND PROFESSIONAL GARDENERSWRITTEN AND COMPILED BYWALTER DAVISEDITED BYW. D. DRURY, F.R.H.S.ILLUSTRATEDCONTENTSCHAPTERFOREWORDI. SEEDS AND SEEDLINGSII. DIVISIONIII. LAYERSIV. CUTTINGSV. GRAFTINGVI. BUDDINGVII. PROPAGATINGHOUSEVIII. SELECT LIST OF PLANTSFOREWORDPLANT propagation is of the greatest utility to mankind,so much do we rely on the Vegetable Kingdom for oursustenance, clothing, furnitureabsolute needs, in fact,to say nothing of our luxuries. Further, it is of specialinterest to those fond of the healthy pursuit of gardening.The many and different methods adopted for the increaseand continuation of plants of widely different nature,both useful and ornamental, necessitates the exercise ofmuch care and skill on the part of even the most intelligent gardener. While it must be admitted that withsome species and varieties propagation is an easy matter,others will develop to such an extent without any humanassistance that to restrict them within reasonable boundsis often the cause of much anxiety and labour. Others,again, may be raised in goodly numbers with comparatively little care and attention if the main features fortheir wellbeing are complied with. There, however,remain many which call for considerable practice,patience, and skill on the part of the operator. Thus,the services of a clever and successful propagator areusually esteemed and recognised by his employer, whosedesire it is to supply the market with young plants thatmay be relied on to thrive and to succeed satisfactorily.In all the different branches of gardening there ispossibly none which excel in interest and fascinationthat of raising plants by the different methods of propagation in vogue. To be successful it is a great advantagexiv PLANT PROPAGATIONto possess a knowledge of the requirements of thedifferent genera and species. All this adds zest to theenterprise, and satisfaction when the desired results areachieved.Propagation is not only used as a means of increasingthe number of plants for special purposes, but also as anaid to the production of pleasing or useful variation, aswell as to render some more luxuriant, or it may bemore restricted, in growth, or, what is considered stillmore important in regard to fruit and flowers, to createa higher degree of fruitfulness or a greater tendency toflower production instead of a too rampant growth ofwood and foliage.Of late years special efforts have been made by meansof hybridisation and propagation combined, in connection with that most wonderful and curious family theOrchidece, to increase their vigour, curious forms, andwonderful variations of choice and unusual colourings inthe blossoms, and, what is more, have been attendedwith phenomenal success. So great an effect has thisproduced from a commercial point of view that thecollecting of new species and natural hybrids from theirnative habitats has been no longer necessary to anythinglike the extent it was previously.



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