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Classical Electrodynamics and the Theory of Relativity

by Ruslan Sharipov

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THEORY COSMOLOGY-GRACELIANA cosmo estruturante and desintegrante Author - Ancelmo Graceli Luiz. Ancelmoluizgraceli@hotmail.com Tel. 27- 32167566 Street Itabira, nº 5, Itapemirim Set, Rose of the Penha, Cariacica, -269, E.S. cep.29143 Brazilian, professor, graduation in philosophy and theoretical researcher. Published books ASTRONOMY, and WORLD Of the PHYSICAL INTERACTIONS. Collaborator - Marcio Piter Rangel. Presented work the SECT- Spirit Brazil Saint. E the Brazilian Society of Physics. Introduction published in the WEB for the Vestibule Brazil Factor - Channel Profile. In day 30.01.2008. If other theories with beddings and you formulate had had acceptance, why these will not have? Therefore, it possesss all the beddings and all the forms of calculations, and that the reality and the comment until today reached are confirmed with. With more than one hundred and ten formulas, the most varied forms of if calculating one same phenomenon, with more than two hundred beddings in all the areas of the modern physics. Also, with new forecasts inside of cosmology and astronomy. Presented the Magazine of Education of the SBFISICA. Soced. Bras. de Física. Brazilian Journal of Physics - SBFISICA In cosmology the universe is defended that if structure as a stream of production and destruction of astros. In astronomy it is defended that the movement is produced by the proper energy of astro. INTRODUCTION. OF THE ALMOST NOTHING EVERYTHING CAN APPEAR - EXCEPT GOD. The UNIVERSE Is An AUTO CREATION, HOWEVER, A WORKMANSHIP Of This TRANSPORT ALONE CAN HAVE the POWER Of the CREATOR. This theory goes of meeting to the harmony and cosmic eternity in detriment to the chaos and the finitude of the universe considered for the theory of the great explosion. While one enters in stream of disintegration and reintegration with little energy, others are born more distant from the aglutinação of the dense space. COSMO ESTRUTURANTE And DESINTEGRANTE. Graceliano Model. The universe is constant and infinite stream. First part. THEORY Of the BUBBLE OF DENSE SPACE And ENERGY. While in the theory of the great explosion the universe if expands from a point of the space and a small amount of energy, and is the one only - OF OUTSIDE FOR INSIDE - In the theory of the bubble universe if it contracts from the dense space to produce the substance and the energy of some points of the infinite of the space, in a constant production of new universes in some points of cosmo. Or either, it contracts itself to produce the substance stops later forming the astros and if expanding for the maser. E is some universes in infinite points of cosmo in infinite phases. Of birth in the phase bubble of dense space - phase estruturante-Na energy phase, In the phase of substance and the phase of disintegration, unfastening and removal in the space for the proper maser of the density of the substance. E reintegration forming secondary from the material radiated for the elementary school. PASSES FOR FORMATION Of the SUBSTANCE, ELEMENTS, ASTROS And The UNIVERSES. Thus, the dense space if contracts until to be filamentoso - the diffuse substance arrives - dense substance - energy - diffuse cores - astros - nuclear fusing - chemical elements - of light elements in weighed - maser - reengrupamentos in new astros, secondary - it comes back if to disintegrate - and the process continues until if becoming diffuse substance. COMMENT. We do not feel the action of the dense space because we are in a universe in a phase that already it was changedded into substance. FORMULA FOR CONTRACTION OF DENSE SPACE. The dense space if contracts and diminishes of size to produce the substance, and if it gives in a contraction and infinite reduction, that can be calculated with formulates of the infinitesimal limit. But one it has all left, divided for all, thus infinitely. Dense space ED - total part p dense space if structuralizing. Thus, infinitely, until changedding into energy and substance. ED - P/EDâĦ until arriving to be energy and substance. Thus, we have the formula for formation of the substance, energy and for origin of the universe. INFINITE UNIVERSES IN PHASES ESTRUTURANTES And DESINTEGRANTES. FIRST THEORY Of the ORIGIN And NATURE Of the SUBSTANCE. It was always looked by the philosophers and Greek chemistries, later for the modern physics an explanation for the origin, nature and essence of the substance, where the world at times was divided in form and structure, spirit, mind and substance, therefore I show the first theory of that the substance can appear and of that it is formed, that here is of filaments of dense space, always looked to the substance for the substance and dividiz it infinitely of the atom of the Greeks until the hundred of particles that they are catalogued today. Comment - no theory displayed until today obtained to give a recital from that it originated the substance. All leave soon of the estimated one of something. CALCULATION OF FORMATION OF SUBSTANCE And FOR COSMO ESTRUTURANTE. To be able of contraction of the dense space = amount of dense space/cosmological time = estruturante substance and cosmo and phases. CALCULATION FOR COSMO DESINTEGRANTE. To be able of disintegration = amount of substance, temperature, fusing core to estelar, maser and energy/cosmological time. Pd*[qm ]/t c. DENSE SPACE And SUBSTANCE, And ENERGY And ASTROS. Universe not formed from great explosion, but yes of space dense, space dense is all space that in it surrounds them, that we have the notion that it is a great emptiness, but is not, it possesss density, and of it the substance and the energy if they had originated to form the first astros, galaxies and accumulations. ROTATION And TRANSLATION Of the UNIVERSE. The expansion is false, is in the truth a translation and rotation and a minimum of removal. What we have the notion of a great expansion of the universe is in the truth the translation and rotation of exactly. Therefore, if it is infinitely old and had started if to expand at the moment of supposed a great explosion, the astros would be so distant ones of the others that nor its light would be capable to be picked-up by any type of telescope. The FORMAT Of the UNIVERSE. The disposal of the galaxies in disks with the systems of stars also in disk test that the universe is a estruturação process and passes for streams, therefore had appeared at one alone moment in a great explosion the format of the universe would be spherical, or either with all the astros in one same distancia of a center, and as also with the same translation and rotation. Comment. Already we have here a recital of the origin and of that material cosmo if formed. Beddings not displayed until today for other theories. The ENERGY PRODUCES the MASER THAT PRODUCES the REMOVAL MINIMUM. It has yes a minimum removal proceeding from the action of the maser and high temperatures, removal produced for the processed energy for nuclear fusing in the inward of the astros. UNIVERSE OF ENERGY ESTRUTURANTE. OR UNIVERSE OF CONTRACTION And DISINTEGRATION. The universe passes for two processes - first of the formation of the substance and the energy for the contraction of the filaments of the dense space. As of the formation of the astros, its processes of energy and production of temperature to the ratio that the substance if agglutinates, with the agglutinated substance are produced great amount of energy and temperature, giving sprouting the maser and the consequent disintegration of astro in the space. For that the universe is a stream of estruturante energy, where first if it contracts stops later if disintegrating and if moving away ones from the others, always in lesser portions. It is A STREAM WHY IF I CONTRACTED OF DENSE SPACE UNTIL the SUBSTANCE, OF SUBSTANCE IN ASTRO, IF IT DISINTEGRATES IN MASER, IT COMES BACK the REINTEGRAR-SE IN LESSER ASTROS And WITH LITTLE DIÃÉMETRO And ENERGY, THAT DESINTEGRAR-SE COMES BACK. E STREAM CONTINUES INFINFINITAMENTE. UNTIL IF BECOMING DIFFUSE SUBSTANCE. The same process passes particles and atoms. The PRODUCTION Of SECONDARY For the MASER And the ATMOSPHERE. Part of the maser if also transforms into atmosphere, that always goes to direct for the equator, where goes to form cinturões of gases as it is the Jupiter case, or in a more advanced period of training the cinturões go to form rings that is the Saturn case and Uranus, of these rings go to form small accumulations of gases, that always more will go to agglutinate themselves more and, where will appear the first rarefied cores, and the aglutinação process continues, where the secondary ones start to appear exactly before if forming, as gases they already possess translation and rotation and if they move away from the elementary schools. Or either, before existing as astro the secondary one already develops its translation. TEST For FORMAT And DINÃÉMICA Of the ATMOSPHERE. This can be confirmed with the Land, where its atmosphere already less concentrates more in the equator and in the polar regions, proceeding from the magnetism of the Land and centrifuga action of the rotation, and that the atmosphere possesss proper dynamics. That it will be filamentará until arriving to give beginning to a new satellite. However this is not for today. The MAGNETISM Of the ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SPEEDS UP the FORMATION Of the SECONDARY One. If it was not the magnetism and the centrifuga action of the rotation of the astros, its secondary ones would delay time not to form themselves. Therefore the magnetism and action centrifugam act in the production of the filaments of gases for the equator and in the production of these filaments in the esferificação process, where rarefied cores will appear, until forming new astros. E the stream continues of disintegration of the elementary school for maser proceeding from the energy production, for the production of atmosphere and aglutinação in filaments for the magnetism and centrifuga action of the rotation of proper astro until arriving the esferificação, also through the magnetism of the gases. PHASES OF THE STREAM. 1 - with the contraction of the filaments of the dense space to form the substance and after the produced substance if form in astros. With the formed astros they pass if to disintegrate as form of maser and temperature. 2- the material of the disintegration comes back if to contract and to produce astros lesser, and of these other minors the process continues. This if confirms where the astros possess the spherical format. Therefore the rounding sample that had a slow process of formation through materials that had appeared of are for inside, where slowly for aglutinação astro was if structuralizing. They confirm because the cores are denser and the Land is formed by layers and cores. In the case of the production of the planets for the Sun, the atmosphere nor arrived if to form, and the maser was soon if filamentando to esferificar and to appear the planets. INFINITE UNIVERSE In the AGE, the SPACE, And the PROCESSING. The esferificação test that astro was produced by layers of material of maser for juxtaposition - one on the other, for that the cores are denser, that were already proven in the physics of the atom. E the rounding test that took much more time this circular formation, then the universe is a much more slow and constant process that if can imagine. Thus, the rounding of the universe proves the theory of the stream and that all the universe of today did not appear at one alone moment, they are some universes in some phases if processing and if structuralizing, while some age for lose and energy processing, others they appear for the dense space. These phases if confirm for the current comment, thus the universe are infinite in the origin and the end, the space and its processing. PHASES OF THE UNIVERSE. UNIVERSES BUBBLE ESTRUTURANTE And FLUXONÃĀRIO. 1- Origin - universe bubble of dense space and bubble of energy. 2- Type - estruturante fluxonário, if contracts to produce the substance from the bubble of the dense space. Later if it after expands the contraction and production of energy, temperature and maser. 3- Form to exist - production processes energy. 4- Amount - some types in some phases, of the bubble until astro almost without energy. 5- Size - infinite in the production of new universes, the infinite in the space and the time. 6- Form - infinite and varied forms, of bubbles, gases, diffuse energy, dense and less dense substance, astros, rings, maser, atmosphere, etc. 7- estruturante of the substance and cosmo. MAGICAL CREATION - SUBSTANCE From The DENSE SPACE. Before if speaking of the creation of the universe, it must be spoken of the creation of the energy and the substance, therefore it was from the substance that appeared the astros. ROUNDING And ESFERIFICAÃáÃÉO Of the ASTROS. The esferificação of astros the test that, 1- It was formed for a slow process to have the spherical format, of the the opposite it would not be. 2- It was formed of minimum parts that had been if joust locating to form astro, of the the opposite would not have the round formation. One sees that while Saturn and Uranus possesss rings of gases in the route of the equator, Jupiter it possesss an atmosphere stack that is in movement in the route of the equator, where if confirms the origin of the astros for components of the elementary school. 3- the astros are older of the one than if it thinks. E its core is denser of the one than the exterior part, and the planet Land is formed by formed layers on. 4- Fiz a calculation for the age of the Land, however was taken in account only the removal, and not it time for the esferificação, that probably was very bigger. 5- Test that the universe has its origin through very small elements, that had been if joining to form the astros, as minimum parts of maser, gases, light and leftovers of great temperatures. 6- the universe is had There if forming for minimum parts, as energy and substance, of inside for exterior part is with the cores denser than the crust -. A much more old, round and infinite universe in the end and origin time, the infinite in relation its production, then, that it would never appear at one alone moment in a great explosion. MASER IN THE FORMATION OF SECONDARY. Thus, with the format of the astros if it has plus a test of the theory of the estruturante fluxonário universe. For compression of the dense space, and disintegration for the maser and temperature, and a new compression of this maser in the space, forming new lesser astros, as planets, satellites and comets. E the estruturante and desintegrante process continues producing asteroids and others that will always be disintegrated producing astros and lesser asteroids. Universes alone of dense space, gases, energy, diffuse substance, substance exist and astros and gases, light and maser, with this if it confirms the theory here supported of that the universe does not have age, therefore it is an infinite production and disintegration of itself exactly. E while some disintegrate others in other points of the infinite of the space starts if to form slowly for the dense space. If cosmo was produced at one alone moment, the astros would not have a spherical form so defined, some would be long and flattened others. ON The DENSE SPACE, SUBSTANCE And ENERGY. The energy exists in function of the substance, since its production until its carrier also for air, therefore the substance contains and produze the energy, therefore the energy does not have as to exist without the substance, and the substance if originates and is densificado dense space. SUBSTANCE And ENERGY = DENSE SPACE DENSIFICADO. It does not have as to speak of a universe that if it originates from a small ball in a great explosion, therefore which the origin of this ball, and gives where came the energy for explodiz it. The great explosion contains varies contradictions and lack of origin beddings, cause and effect. INTERPLANETARY And SPACE ATMOSPHERE. The interplanetary space is constituted of gas to one [ pressure of ten raised to less 19 terrestrial atmospheres ]. That is a route that the space is not an emptiness without density, pressure, and is not a vacuum. PLEA. If the gravitation attracted the astros, all the satellites would be plumb between the planet and the Sun, therefore the planet would hold of a side and the Sun of another one, and would be constantly in eclipse. Therefore that the dynamics depends on the energy and maser of astro. To see theory of the energeticidade and maser. THUS WE HAVE THE PHASES OF THE UNIVERSE. The filamentosa space phase of density. The energy phase space filamentosa. The phase of the materiality - chemical atoms, and elements. The phase of immense astros, with little density, and little maser. The phase of the aglutinação, where the substance was if agglutinating, magnifying the internal temperature and the maser. The phase of the disintegration for the internal temperature and maser. The phase of formation of new astros for the aglutinação of the expelled material of the maser of the first astros, thus we see that it is a stream and process of integration, disintegration and new aglutinações. DIRECT FORMATION For The DENSE SPACE, And FORMATION OF SECONDARY For The FORMED SUBSTANCE ALREADY. The material that already became astro after does not come back to be dense space the disintegration, but this material if integrates forming new lesser astros. Thus it has two processes. 1- the process of direct formation for the dense space. 2- and the process for the disintegration of astro already produced, that it goes to reintegrate themselves and to form other minors. Thus, the dense space is an immense one all, as an immense jelly without definite form. The universe is a process of direct form for the dense space, and a cycle process, where some are disintegrated and part of its material goes to construct others. With this we see that the origin, production and time of the universe are infinite, and the system of production of universes is much more old of that if it imagines, in trillions of years. E that exists some types of universes, ones of dense space, field of energy without substance, field of energy with substance, universes of atomic cores, gases, substance and astros if disintegrating and integrating others. COSMIC EVOLUTION And EVOLUTION Of The CHEMICAL ELEMENTS. Thus, the universe is a constant production and of cosmic evolution, direct production and disintegration, and secondary production of integration in new astros, while the chemical elements go if processing and evolving. ON the REMOVAL. The universe did not suffer a great explosion to produce its removal, but yes, the removal is product of the maser, rotation and of the great temperatures, that stimulate the astros for front, modifying its orbit. Or either, the nuclear fusing, the production of temperature and maser produce the lowermost removal between the astros. For that it has a ratio enters the distancias of the planets and satellites. PLEA. If the universe had suffered to a great explosion alone the galaxies would be if moving away, and the lesser astros as planets, comets and satellites would not be if moving away, and the gradual removal proves that all the astros if find in removal ones in relation to the others, thus, all the astros if they find in removal proceeding from its energy, maser and external temperature. PLEA. APPEARANCE To the RED For the EFFECT DOPPLER For the ROTATION And TRANSLATION Of the COSMO. The front that the universe does not meet in expansion, but yes in minimum removal will be seen more, and what it is detected as appearance to the red nor it is this removal. Therefore it is insignificant in whom he refers to to the shift in the space, and what it gives the appearance to the red in Doppler effect is the shift of the translation and rotation of astros and galaxies in the space. REMOVAL FOR THE ACTION OF THE MASER. We see then that, the universe is a constant creation for filaments of dense space of new new substances and the cosmos for the aglutinação of the casting and reintegrated materials already, while other cosmos more evolved if disintegrates for maser and high temperature, other lesser astros if they integrate with the material of that already they had been disintegrated and that they go to develop a next orbit to that gave to origin and initial impulse to it, for the maser and intense temperature. Thus one forms a direct production for the dense space, and a production for cycle of disintegration and integration for the disintegrated material, while the chemical elements evolve. E, while the universe if widens for the maser produced for the proper astros. E not for supposed a great explosion, therefore the removal is a process continues for the action of the maser, therefore that it decreases gradually and the initial impulse only tends to lose intensity. While the material universe if expands, the universe of filaments of the dense space if contracts, or either, it has two reverse situations. The maser is proceeding mainly from the interactions of nuclear fusing in the inward of the astros. Or either, the same phenomenon - the maser - that it produces the orbit and the dynamics of the planets and satellites, also produces the widening of the universe and produces new astros, and is the producer of the structure of them, and of new chemical elements. One concludes thus, that cosmo is infinite in its origin and will be in its future, as also he is infinite in the space and the new production of the cosmos, and new chemical elements. The process of slow creation goes against the process of instantaneous creation considered by the great explosion. To prove the displayed thesis above it is simple, is alone to evidence that the expansion if finds in decreasing progression. However as already it was seen, the universe if finds in production and removal and not in expansion. Thus, while one is disintegrated and gone to produce others in other cantos of the universe the dense space if it processes giving to origin the galaxies of space gases. Thus, the universe is a process of direct birth for the dense space, of already been born, and birth of born others from already. Everything occurs for a direct hashing of the substance in the origin, is a fluxonária hashing in the production of new chemical elements, new astros and new orbits. Second part. ON the SUBSTANCE. M = ED = and/t - substance is equal the solidiquicado dense space, that is equal to the energy divided for the time. The substance is made solid energy dense space, or either, the chemical particles and elements are in the truth the dense space if processing energeticamente and producing solidification. E in a more advanced evolutivo period of training. Thus, the substance passes for a evolutivo process, and the substance - made solid energy dense space - always meets in an improvement, and passes for a slow and unified process therefore that all the substance and the structure of the atom are equal. PHASES OF FORMATION OF THE ASTROS. Our universe did not initiate lowermost previous to a great explosion, but yes, infinitely great, entering in a contraction to produce the substance, passing for made solid energy that is the substance, it stops later structuralizing itself in particles, elements chemical, and finally astros. Or either, the universe did not form astros instantaneamente, therefore that the astros and atoms possess cores. First it is formed energy, later the substance and finally the astros, different of that it defends the great explosion. Thus, the universe passes of the contraction. 1- of the space for energy and the substance. 2- of the substance for astros. After the disintegration through the maser and intense temperatures. It passes to the integration, where new astros are formed from the material of the maser. Thus, the universe and a stream of production cycles and estruturação and evolution, through. 1 - Contraction and solidification. 2 - Chemical evolution. 3 - Disintegration, removal and dynamics of the universe for the energy and maser. 4 - E integration in new astros. E that the orbit, the dynamics, the removal and the disintegration of the universe are proceeding from the energy and maser, becoming the universe of flattened structure, where the astros already are structuralized and in gradual removal as he is ours, while others are to circulate and in formation through gases, and others with tentáculos as great galaxies. COSMOFÃćSICA and ASTROPHYSICS. PRODUCER OF ITSELF. The universe is an alive and dynamic system of production and estruturação, where it produces its proper energy for its functioning, estruturação and dynamics, being that the energy magnifies to the ratio that goes carrying through its functioning, and is a stream system, where the same interaction that produces the elements chemical, produces the astros for fusing. E also produces fields, maser, high temperatures, dynamics, orbits, structures of the astros, and the removal in the universe. Or either, it is a producer of itself, its structure and its functioning. Thus, it is a constant production of integration and disintegration. AGE OF THE UNIVERSE. With this, it can be deduced that the universe does not possess an origin determined in the time, much less in some place of the space, and it does not possess an origin determined in the estruturação of the substance and the astros that compose it. However, it has infinite age, therefore the dense space always was there and producing energy, substance, until arriving the astros. FORM OF BEING OF THE UNIVERSE Of contraction for the dense space. Of removal for the maser. Of aglutinação for the material of the maser. The universe passes for streams while it produces the chemical elements in the interactions of nuclear fusing in the center of the astros, where produces energy when processing the physical interactions and to produce its structure of astros, orbits and dynamics. ON the MOVEMENT If the related movement this with the maser, high temperatures, and physical interactions in the inward of the astros that are untied in the dense space to develop its dynamics. Soon the movement is natural and dynamic, and varies as the situations of energy production where if it finds astro. E if the dynamics obey a stream, then the movement is dynamic, disforme and variable. ON The DENSE SPACE. Dense space produces the substance, while the produced substance already produces the astros and the chemical elements go being casting in the secondary stars and. ON the SUBSTANCE The substance is filaments of the contracted dense space, that go to structuralize the chemical universe in substance, astros, elements, maser, high temperature, and in the dynamic auto universe. ON the COSMO The universe is auto dynamic and while it produces the energy the physical interactions go being processed, and the maser acting and spreading the substance, the astros are in dynamics for the proper energy and maser, the chemical elements evolve and if they improve, improving the substance and structuralizing the universe, cosmo if contracts for the dense space, and if it widens for the action of the maser, then the universe is alive and auto dynamic. ON the TIME The time does not exist, what it exists is the timer of the memory marked for the functioning of the brain as conscience form of that happens between intervals of events. We can consider the secondary time as something, that it exists in function of the functioning of the conscience produced for the functioning of the brain. The speed of the timer of the man is the speed of functioning of the human brain. ON the REMOVAL And WIDENING Of the COSMO. Thus, the dynamics of the universe is proceeding from the constant maser, therefore that its widening if finds in decreasing progression. E the astros had appeared of the aglutinação of the dense space, while the maser and the high temperatures disintegrate the astros. Soon in the future and this part and period of training of the universe where in we find them the astros will be more cold and lesser.


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