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Managing PeopleSoft with Tivoli

by Ibm

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Provides the only complete guide to using Tivoli's solution to maximize the availability, performance and manageability of any PeopleSoft system. Softcover. CD-ROM included.

From the Inside Flap

This book is intended for large corporations that have complex PeopleSoft environments and are looking for a comprehensive enterprise management solution. A PeopleSoft system cannot be managed in isolation; it is part of a business system. Its health is dependent on the health of other components in the system. For instance, managing the Application Server, the Database Server, the Process Scheduler Server, and the network is the only way to guarantee end-user satisfaction. Simplistic monitoring and system-level load analysis cannot guarantee availability. You need advanced tools, such as the Tivoli Enterprise suite of products, to help you spot the problem by analyzing the data you collect about PeopleSoft. Moreover, the Tivoli Enterprise Solutions provide a consistent management interface to different operating systems and services. Tivoli Enterprise allows you to manage users, systems, databases, networks, and applications from one interface and provides a streamlined way of automating and delegating routine time-consuming tasks. Because Tivoli Enterprise is a global enterprise management solution, you will not need to integrate disparate point products; so, you will provide better service and support while reducing or maintaining operational costs at their current levels or ratios.

If you are an IS manager, a system administrator, a pre-sales technical specialist, or anyone who wonders how the Tivoli Solutions can help manage PeopleSoft systems or even BEA TUXEDO systems, read this book to quickly get an understanding of their concepts, functions, and features.

This book is divided into three parts:

Part 1, "PeopleSoft, BEA TUXEDO, and Tivoli overviews" on page 1, contains three introductory chapters on PeopleSoft, BEA TUXEDO, and Tivoli Enterprise Software. The PeopleSoft and BEA TUXEDO overviews will give a high-level understanding of each solution; so, you can easily follow the functions and features available in the Tivoli Managers for PeopleSoft and BEA TUXEDO even if you are not an expert in both domains. The Tivoli Solutions overview helps readers select the Tivoli component necessary for a specific peopleSoft environment.

Part 2, "Tivoli Manager for BEA TUXEDO" on page 59, describes what the Tivoli Manager for BEA TUXEDO is and how it can be used to manage not only a PeopleSoft environment but also a Tuxedo environment by itself. This part covers three main subjects:

Installation and configuration of the Tivoli Manager for BEA TUXEDO in a Tivoli environment

How the Tivoli Manager for BEA TUXEDO helps perform streamlining operations on Tuxedo resources

How the Tivoli Manager for BEA TUXEDO helps keep Tuxedo systems available

Part 3, "Managing PeopleSoft" on page 289, describes the major Tivoli products that may be used to manage a PeopleSoft environment and explains in detail:

The installation and configuration of the Tivoli Manager for PeopleSoft.

The installation and configuration of the Tivoli Manager for Oracle. Although Oracle is not the only database supported by Tivoli, it is the one we chose to explain in detail in this book.

How the Tivoli Managers for PeopleSoft, BEA TUXEDO, and Oracle help perform streamlining operations on PeopleSoft systems.

How the Tivoli Managers for PeopleSoft, BEA TUXEDO, and Oracle help keep PeopleSoft systems available.

How Tivoli Workload Scheduler integrates with PeopleSoft to manage the batch jobs in an enterprise perspective.

How Tivoli Application Performance Management helps keep PeopleSoft Systems running at performance levels.

From the Back Cover

  • Includes Tivoli management of BEA TUXEDO
  • Planning, designing, and managing the entire PeopleSoft environment
  • Scheduling your PeopleSoft jobs as part of your enterprise workload
  • Integrating PeopleSoft with your enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Tips and techniques for real-world PeopleSoft management
  • Includes a CD-ROM with sample code

A step-by-step guide to choosing and implementing a PeopleSoft management solution to maximize the value of your PeopleSoft environment

PeopleSoft can integrate virtually every department and process in your company, but there's a downside: The complexity of enterprise-wide systems makes them especially difficult to manage and optimize. Managing PeopleSoft with Tivoli is the only complete guide to using Tivoli's solution to maximize the availability, performance, and manageability of any PeopleSoft system. You'll walk through real-life PeopleSoft management scenarios, identifying and leveraging every opportunity to enhance PeopleSoft manageability with Tivoli's solution. Coverage includes:

  • Defining your PeopleSoft management infrastructure requirements
  • Choosing Tivoli components that address your requirements
  • Managing BEA TUXEDO with Tivoli
  • Installing, customizing, and testing Tivoli in PeopleSoft and BEA TUXEDO environments, step by step
  • Using Tivoli for capacity planning and for developing service level agreements
  • Integrating PeopleSoft into your broader computing and networking environment

When you improve the performance of your PeopleSoft system, you improve the performance of your entire company. Whether you are considering PeopleSoft management solutions, or you have already implemented Tivoli, Managing PeopleSoft with Tivoli delivers high-level insights and step-by-step techniques for maximizing PeopleSoft performance, start to finish.

About the Author

This book was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working at the International Technical Support Organization, Austin Center.

Catherine Cook is a Tivoli Systems Specialist at the International Technical Support Organization, Austin Center. She writes extensively on a variety of topics including Tivoli products. She holds a degree in computer science and a post-graduate degree in Operating Systems and Networks. Before joining the ITSO, she worked for two years as a specialist in expert systems and object-oriented languages in IBM France, and she worked eight years as an AIX network specialist and project leader in the Professional Services Organization, IBM France.

Laura Cooper is a technical architect with the IBM/ERP Competency Center. Laura has worked in the Competency Center since 1994. She has two years experience supporting PeopleSoft on the RS/6000 and six years experience supporting SAP. Her primary responsibilities include providing technical support for the RS/6000 marketing team and assisting customers with setting up and running PeopleSoft and SAP on the RS/6000.

Budi Darmawan is a Tivoli Systems Specialist at the International Technical Support Organization, Austin Center. He writes extensively and teaches IBM classes worldwide on all areas of Tivoli and OS/390 systems management. Before joining the ITSO, he worked in the Services department of IBM Indonesia as a lead solution designer in system management. He also has extensive experience in IMS and DB2 database design and system programming.

Vasfi Gucer is an Advisory I/T Specialist at the International Technical Support Organization, Austin Center. He has worked in IBM Turkey for 10 years. His areas of expertise include systems management and networking of distributed platforms.

Dinesh Kumar is a Senior ITSO representative working as a project leader in the ITSO Tivoli Group, Austin Center. He applies his field experience as an I/T architect and project leader to his work at the ITSO, where he writes extensively. Before joining the ITSO, Dinesh worked in IBM Global Services in India as Senior Technical Manager of the Network Services team. In a role demanding both management and technical functions, he architected the network and its management for the largest domestic airlines of India.

Perry Statham is a Senior Software Engineer with Tivoli Systems in Austin, Texas. He was the development team leader for the Manager for PeopleSoft 1.0 and Manager for BEA TUXEDO 1.0 products. He has over 15 years of application development and system administration experience on such diverse projects as Tivoli Manager for SQL Server, a hospital information system, and applications for the publishing industry. He attended Northeast Louisiana University.

Gabi Wappler is senior consultant at Santix software GmbH, a large German business partner of Tivoli. She has worked as a technical consultant in the Middleware area (DCE, Transaction monitors) on customer sites and as a Tivoli consultant on a large customer site. In the last year, she has worked as an external BEA consultant. Her focus was on designing the connection of BEA TUXEDO systems to the Enterprise Systems Management of different customers. She also worked on security items regarding middleware and their applications.



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