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Fine Art Photoshop

by Michael J. Nolan and Renee LeWinter

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About Book

While most Photoshop books focus on commercial artwork, this outstanding full-color guide focuses on fine art, making it a great choice for aspiring artists. The authors explore the established principles of drawing and painting--covering, for example, perspective, line, lighting, volume, and value--as they explain the relevant paint and effects tools in Photoshop.

Nolan and LeWinter take four examples of art: a boat, a self-portrait, a still life, and an architectural drawing (of a door), and reproduce them in various ways using different painting techniques. You first go through the four examples by using basic drawing and sketching techniques in gray-scale tones; you use tools that emulate the look of pencil, charcoal, and airbrushes. Next you create colorful versions of these works, in the process learning how to manage color, create palettes of your own, and match the look of watercolor and pastels. The next section takes you further, reproducing the images in versions that utilize washes, emulate oil paintings, and have realistic textures. Then you apply more special effects, changing lighting, working with a scratch-board technique, and replicating the look of impressionistic and surreal paintings.

Finally, the authors explain the Photoshop paint tools such as Pencil, Paintbrush, Airbrush, Erase, and Rubber Stamp and show images in which these tools are put to work. They also describe printing issues, provide a glossary of art terms, and offer a guide to digital printing equipment and services. --Kathleen Caster

From the Publisher
Fine Art Photoshop is a full-color tutorial and guide that teaches readers how to harness Photoshop's power to create stunning artistic effects. The information in Fine Art Photoshop is organized into four parts that build upon each other with increasingly complex techniques and combinations. Readers begin by understanding the uses of eight Photoshop tools: Eraser, Pencil, Airbrush, Paintbrush, Rubber Stamp, Smudge, Sharpen/Blur, and Dodge/Burn/Sponge. From there, they progress to tutorials that help them master these tools, and then finally on to the most advanced tutorials, which combine these tools with Photoshop's filters. Master Photoshop's painting tools and artistic filters, arriving at expert-level use of Photoshop

Gain a competitive advantage by adding new skills to their repertoire

Learn Photoshop techniques that you thought were available only from paint programs and third-party filters

Create truly unique artwork by getting past the Photoshop presets that everyone else uses



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