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Tcl/tk For Programmers

by Clif Flynt

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About Book

From Library Journal
Tcl/Tk (called tickleTK) is a very powerful programming language for all sorts of projects, from visual application development to web scripting to meshing together varieties of applications and utilities written in different languages in order to create a new application. The program competes very favorably with Visual Basic, Java, Perl, and UNIX shell languages. It is a great tool for rapid prototype development; runs on almost all hardware, with no code changes; and is much easier to learn than Perl, C/C++, or Java. Flynt's book is aimed at programmers, but it is an excellent introduction to learning the basics of Tcl/Tk. Recommended for large public libraries and most academic institutions.
Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Dr. Dobb's Electronic Review of Computer Books
Read the full review for this book.

Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers, by Clif Flynt, is a more than good enough book about a good enough language. It is rendered especially valuable by the attachment of a content-rich and well-organized CD-ROM. If you program or wish to program in Tcl/Tk and don't feel your resources are complete, your library needs this reference. Tcl, pronounced "tickle" and short for "tool command language," was developed by John Ousterhout in the 1980s as an embeddable command interpreter designed as a virtual machine. Tk is the tool kit of GUI extensions that put Tcl/Tk in the position in UNIX that is occupied by Rexx and the Workstation Agent on the S/390, and by Visual Basic on Wintel. It's there for applications which must have a GUI but consist largely of non-GUI code, often composed of an extant non-Tcl application base, which Tcl is then used to script. On Linux, for instance, Tcl/Tk is used as a GUI wrapper around certain administrative tasks embodied in system commands and sbin shell scripts; on the other hand, Tcl/Tk is not generally used to author paint programs. --Jack Woehr, Dr. Dobb's Electronic Review of Computer Books

"A delicious masterpiece."

"A delicious masterpiece."

Book Description
This book will fill a void in the current Tcl/Tk bookshelf. It is written to the latest version of Tcl/Tk (8.0, perhaps 8.1, depending on Sun's release schedule) and addresses Tcl/Tk under Windows as well as Unix. It includes discussions on proper coding techniques, instead of just language syntax. Clif Flynt gives readers a very 'hands on' book, with an emphasis towards allowing a reader to pick up the book as needed to find the answer to a question, instead of assuming that it will be read cover to cover.

· A sufficiently detailed overview of the Tcl/Tk language that readers can determine if this is the proper tool for their project.
· Enough information that an experienced programmer can start working with the language immediately.
· Hints and tips on how to use the language effectively.
· Templates that will minimize the new language learning curve.
Macintosh, Windows, Unix, Linux
User requirements would be Windows 3.1 with 32bit DLL, Windows
95, Windows NT, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, or Solaris. A 386 or better CPU, 4 Meg Ram, and 4 Meg free disk space. Different packages will have different disk space requirements. A good guess is 2 Meg / package.

Book Info
Describes how to use this tool in standard programming constructs & details its unique language features such as associative arrays & Tcl namespaces. A complete resource for computer professionals form systems analysts to programmers interested in writing Tcl/Tk code. Covers versions up to 8.1. Paper. CD-ROM included. DLC: Tcl (Computer program language).

From the Back Cover

Tcl/Tk (Tool Command Language/Tool Kit) makes it easy to create and implement testing, network, system administration, and user applications to run under Unix, Linux, Windows 95 and NT, or on the Macintosh-all without modifications and in less time than you'd believe possible. A glue language, a visual applications programming language, a scripting language, and an extensible language core, Tcl/Tk offers cross-platform capabilities and fulfills a variety of functions to complete your programming objectives with simplicity, power, and ease. Written from a programmer's perspective, Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers describes how to use this tool in standard programming constructs and details its unique language features such as associative arrays and Tcl namespaces. The discussions of development tools, techniques, and Tcl extensions (including how to build them) show how to use Tcl/Tk effectively so readers can take advantage of Tcl/Tk's strengths.

Tcl/Tk for Real Programmers is the complete resource for computer professionals from systems analysts to programmers interested in writing Tcl/Tk code. It covers versions up to 8.1 and includes a CD-ROM containing the interpreters, libraries, and tutorials to get a newcomer started quickly, with extra chapters including case studies and discussions of techniques for the advanced user. Other features include:

  • Explanations of how to use Tk to construct GUI interfaces and build Tk megawidgets in the text
  • Tcl development tools and popular extensions within the book
  • Tips and techniques for the advanced user

The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the examples from the book, multiple Tcl tutorials, reference papers, packages, and extensions for Tcl versions 7.6, 8.0, and 8.1. Bonus chapters include real-life case studies of Tcl/Tk applications.

About the Author
Clif Flynt has been a professional programmer since 1978 and a Tcl advocate since 1994. He has developed Tcl applications for Internet commerce, factory control, computer based education, network analysis, games, firewall configuration, systems administration and more. Clif has taught computer science and delivered Tcl/Tk seminars in colleges and corporations around the world. He also writes a regular column about Tcl/Tk for :login; magazine.



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