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Times And Seasons

by Beverly LaHaye and Terri Blackstock

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About Book

Hard times have come again to the close-knit neighbors on Cedar Circle, who confront fresh challenges, overcome disappointments, and encourage and support each other in Times and Seasons. Nothing comes easy in this little community. "I'm tired of learning things and growing," Cathy says in despair. Crisis after crisis has sapped her strength: her son Mark is in jail, her ex-husband Jerry is ignoring the children, and her wedding to her fiancé Steve has been postponed.

Cathy's life isn't the only one that's topsy-turvy. Her neighbor Tory focuses on making her Down's Syndrome baby Hannah "high-functioning" and forgets the needs of the rest of her family. Across the cul-de-sac, homeschooling mom Brenda finds it's difficult to let her children spread their wings and fly. The final blow comes when Sylvia decides to sell her house to support her Nicaraguan mission.

Just when things seem unbearable, a few rays of sun break through the clouds: Annie finds a calling to the mission field, Steve discovers the ins and outs of becoming a step-parent, and Mark learns lessons about life. Fans of the Cedar Circle books will enjoy picking up where Showers in Season left off and following the progress of characters they've come to care about. --Cindy Crosby

From Library Journal
This third collaboration between LaHaye and Blackstock continues to recount the events in the lives of neighbors and friends living on Cedar Circle. On the day of Cathy Flaherty's bridal shower, what should have been a joyous gathering of friends wishing her well on her second marriage turns into a test of love and friendship when her 15-year-old son, Mark, is arrested for selling drugs. Thus begins a year of trials and discoveries for Cathy, her fiance, and all of her children. Friends try to offer assistance, but they are facing their own family issues. Ruth Ann Phimister does an excellent job of moving from one character to another, providing emotion and nuance suitable to the story line. Recommended for public libraries with Christian fiction collections. Gloria Maxwell, Penn Valley Community Coll., Kansas City, MO
Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Book Description
Cathy Flaherty is devastated when her son Mark is arrested, forcing Cathy to cancel her wedding plans to Steve Bennett. Determined to change her mind, Steve sets about trying to right the wrongs in Mark's young life. Can all things really work for good, when everything seems to be turning out bad?

From the Author
Beverly LaHaye, best-selling author of The Act of Marriage and other books, is the founder and leader of Concerned Christian Women of America and has a daily radio broadcast. She lives in Palm Springs, California. Terri Blackstock, best-selling author of Private Justice and The Sun Coast Chronicles suspense series, lives in Clinton, Mississippi

From the Back Cover
When Cathy Flaherty’s teenage son, Mark, is arrested for selling drugs, her neighbors once again show that Cedar Circle is more than a suburban cul-de-sac. It is a tightly knit circle of friends whose faith, love, and encouragement help each other make it through the changing seasons of life.

More is at stake for Cathy than her son. With Mark in juvenile detention, the single mother of three finds herself struggling over whether to marry Steve Bennett, a man she truly loves. It will take strength and wisdom for Steve to see Cathy through this time of family conflict. Fortunately, he is not alone. Other lives, each with concerns of their own, weave together in a strong show of mutual care and support. And through the hands of this loving community, God moves.

About the Author
Beverly LaHaye (www.cwfa.org) is the best-selling author of (with Terri Blackstock) Seasons Under Heaven, Showers in Season, Times and Seasons, and The Act of Marriage (with her husband, Tim). She is the founder and chairwoman of Concerned Women for America and shares a daily devotional commentary on the nationally syndicated radio show Concerned Women Today. She and her husband live in southern California. Terri Blackstock (www.terriblackstock.com) is the bestselling author of Last Light, and the Sun Coast Chronicles, Second Chances, Newpointe 911 and Cape Refuge suspense series and other books. With Beverly LaHaye, she wrote Seasons Under Heaven, Showers in Season, Times and Seasons, and Season of Blessing.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.
I’m telling you, Mark, it ’s a sorry idea.” Mark Flaherty turned from his bedroom window and glanced back at Daniel. His best friend still wore his church clothes from this morning —a button-down blue shirt neatly tucked into khakis. The clothes made Daniel look older than fifteen as he stood with his arms at his sides, preparing to fight him if he tried to push past. “You always think my ideas are sorry.” “You’ve already been arrested once,” Daniel said..
Mark turned back toward the window with a clear view of Cedar Circle, in full summer bloom. His mother was next door, revving up for the wedding shower the neighbors were giving her. Brenda Dodd and Tory Sullivan had been talking about it for weeks, and Sylvia Bryan had come all the way back from her mission work in Nicaragua to host it in her home. It griped him that his mom had insisted on the men in her life being there. Showers were for women, and he had better things to do. It was only early June, and the wedding wasn’t until July 4th .The shower was just a lot of trouble for nothing, in his opinion.
“I’ll be back before anybody knows I ’m gone,” Mark said.. “I ’d have to be crazy not to do this. It ’s easy money.” He turned back to his friend and reached for the small bag of marijuana he ’d bought from a friend at the baseball park last night. “Chill out. I won ’t get caught, okay?”
The words sent a little jolt of memory through him, for he had said them before. Just over a year ago —months after his mother had freaked and got Miss Brenda to home-school him. He had sneaked out of his dad ’s house in Knoxville and gone joyriding with a kid —in a car he didn’t know was stolen. They ’d been caught spray-painting graffiti on the side of a school building. Mark had been charged with car theft and vandalism, both in one night. The judge, who ’d had a fourteen-year-old kid of his own, had let him off with probation.
But this time was different. He had turned fifteen last week, and he wasn’t following the crowd anymore. He was in control here. He had this figured out.
“You ’re just mad because you won ’t be able to buy a concert ticket,” Mark said.. “But I ’ll be there in the front row. I’ll buy you a T-shirt.”
“Your mom will go ballistic,” Daniel said.. “She won ’t even let you go to that stupid concert, and you know it.”
“She won ’t know,” Mark said,, stuffing the bag into his pocket. He heard a horn honk and looked out the window. Ham Carter and some other guy waited in his jeep at the end of the driveway. “Gotta go. He ’s here.”
Daniel ’s cheeks were blotched pink as he tried to block the way. “Man, I’m telling you, you ’re making a mistake.”
“I have to go,” Mark said.. Though Daniel was a little taller, Mark knew he could take him if he had to. “Move!”
Daniel stood there for a moment, then finally moved aside. Mark pushed past him to the stairs and bolted down, Daniel right behind him.
Eighteen-year-old Annie stood in front of the wall mirror at the bottom of the stairs, dressed like Barbie ’s evil brunette twin.
Rick, his twenty-year-old brother, waited by the front door, tugging at his collar.
“Mom said to wear a tie,” Annie told Mark.. “Hurry up and get ready, or we’ll be late.”
“I have to go somewhere,” he said.. “I’ll just be gone a few minutes.”
“Gone where? We ’re supposed to be there!”
“I have to run an errand,” Mark said..
“What kind of errand?” Rick asked with that tone he got when he tried to be the man of the house.
Daniel didn’t wait for Mark ’s answer. He shot out of the house, leaving the screen door to bounce shut behind him. Mark watched him cross the street, ignoring the two guys in the jeep.
That was just as well.
“If I ’m not back in fifteen minutes,” Mark said,, “go on with- out me. Just tell Mom I ’m coming.”
“No way!” Annie cried.. “Mark, you’re going to get her mad at all of us. I was counting on her being in a good mood later when I hit her up for concert money —”
Mark grinned. He didn’t have to hit her up. “She will be,” he said, pushing open the screen door. He took off down the drive- way, smiling at Ham and his friend. As he jumped into the back- seat, he patted his pocket.
“Hey, guys. I ’m kinda in a hurry, okay?”
“Sure, man.”
Mark grinned as they pulled out of Cedar Circle. This would be the easiest money he ’d ever made.



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