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Configuring Ipv6 For Cisco Ios (2002)

by Edgar, Jr. Parenti, Eric Knipp, and Brian Browne

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"By building IPv6 into Cisco IOS software, we are enabling continued growth of the Internet and its expansion into new applications and capabilities in a way that maintains compatibility with existing Internet services." -- Stephen Deering, Cisco Fellow and lead designer of the protocol

Internetworking Protocol (IP) addresses are the unique numeric identifiers required of every device connected to the Internet. Two years ago, in response to the exponential increase in demand for new IP addresses, the Internet Engineering Task Force finalized its revision on IP addressing, called IP Version 6 and key hardware vendors such as Cisco and major Internet Service Providers like AOL announced plans to migrate to IP Version 6. That is now happening. Cisco Systems began incorporating Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in its Cisco IOS Software in June, 2001. Cisco is currently the only major networking vendor to deliver IPv6 across multiple platforms.
This book provides complete coverage of IPv6 strategies, configuration scenarios, and techniques to successfully deploy an IPv6 addressing and subnetting scheme on your network. It also covers:

Increasing the IP address size from 32 bits to 128 bits
Supporting more levels of addressing hierarchy
Supporting an increased number of addressable nodes
Supporting simpler auto-configuration of addresses
Improving the scalability of multicast routing by adding a "scope" field to multicast addresses
Use a new "anycast address" to send a packet to any one of a group of nodes

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IPv6 offers many advantages over IPv4 including larger address space, hierarchical addressing, security, and mobility. IPv6 will eventually replace IPv4 in next-generation carrier networks, and adaptation of IPv6 to next-generation wireless networks is already under way. Configuring IPv6 for Cisco IOS reviews the IPv6 architecture and features while focusing on the practical aspects of IPv6 implementation, which include addressing and routing. This book explores several approaches to IPv6 transitioning since IPv4 networks will continue to exist for some time, requiring efficient and stable IPv4 / IPv6 internetworking.

About the Author
Sam Brown (CCNP, CCDP, MCSE, MCP+I, CNE, Citrix CCA) is a Consultant with Callisma where his specialties include Network Management Systems (NMS) planning and implementation, Cisco routers and LAN switches, and more. Brian Browne (CISSP) is a Senior Consultant with Callisma and has provided security consulting expertise for multiple Fortune 500 clients, and has been published in Business Communications Review magazine. Neal Chen (CCNP, CCNA) is a Consultant with Callisma where his specialties include Cisco routers and LAN switches, Cisco and more. Paul J. Fong (CCDP, CCNP) is a Senior Consultant for Callisma where he provides strategic and technical consulting to service provider clients. Paul’s background includes positions as an Advisory Systems Analyst at IBM where he developed a network monitoring system for NASA Space Shuttle telemetry. Robbie Harrell (CCIE#3873) is a Principle Architect with Callisma in Atlanta, GA. Robbie specializes in the design and implementation of complex solutions necessary to meet business objectives in the enterprise and service provider market space. Eric Knipp (CCNP, CCDP, CCNA, CCDA, MCSE, MCP+I) is a Consultant with Callisma. He is currently engaged in a broadband optimization project for a major US backbone service provider. Bart Saylors (CCNP, CCDP) is a Senior Consultant with Callisma. His specialties include Cisco router and LAN switching design, implementation, and troubleshooting. Rob Webber (CCIE #6922) is a Senior Network Consultant with Callisma. Rob is a contributing author to Cisco AVVID and IP Telephony Design & Implementation (Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1-928994-83-0). Tony Bautts is a Senior Security Consultant with Astech Consulting. His specialties include Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), firewall design and integration, post-intrusion forensics, bastion hosting, and secure infrastructure design. Tony was a contributing author to book Hack Proofing Your Wireless Network (Syngress! Publishing, ISBN: 1-928994-59-8). Edgar Parenti, Jr. (CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP, CNE-3/4/5, MCNE, PSE, MCSE2000, MCT) is currently a Consulting Engineer with UNICOM Technology Group, Inc. where he provides corporate, education, and government customers with a portfolio of cutting-edge networking solutions.



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