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Firewalls for Dummies, Second Edition

by Brian Komar, Ronald Beekelaar, and Joern Wettern

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About Book

With more and more small-office and home computers being left connected to the Internet at all times, the owners of those machines are being faced with problems that used to confront only big operations. The authors of Firewalls for Dummies spread the message: everyone with a cable modem, data satellite dish, or DSL connection needs a firewall now. Thankfully, though, these guys go beyond merely showing how to set up turnkey personal firewall products--too many Dummies books explain the obvious and the generally intuitive--and reveal how to set up the sorts of firewalls that protect sizable networks. By understanding these techniques, small operators can plan for growth and improve their level of protection. What's more, this book provides a serious explanation of corporate firewall products and techniques that's appropriate for people who build and maintain big systems.

The authors generally steer away from showing how to configure specific firewall products, though a few of the biggies--Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server, BlackICE, ZoneAlarm, and Check Point FireWall-1--get comparative overview coverage. Mostly, they favor more general firewall configuration strategies and techniques. These they explain with a lot of prose, a fair number of conceptual diagrams, and tables that sum up permission rules. This is a worthwhile read. --David Wall

Topics covered: Firewalls and the ways they can be deployed to prevent unauthorized access to computers and networks without interfering with the protected users' ability to get out to the Internet. A summary of networking fundamentals as they apply to firewalls is followed by coverage of network address translation (NAT), demilitarized zones (DMZs) as created by multiple or even single computers, and filtering policies.

Book Description
What an amazing world we live in! Almost anything you can imagine can be researched, compared, admired, studied, and in many cases, bought, with the click of a mouse. The Internet has changed our lives, putting a world of opportunity before us. Unfortunately, it has also put a world of opportunity into the hands of those whose motives are less than honorable. A firewall, a piece of software or hardware that erects a barrier between your computer and those who might like to invade it, is one solution.

If you’ve been using the Internet for any length of time, you’ve probably received some unsavory and unsolicited e-mail. If you run a business, you may be worried about the security of your data and your customers’ privacy. At home, you want to protect your personal information from identity thieves and other shady characters. Firewalls For Dummies® will give you the lowdown on firewalls, then guide you through choosing, installing, and configuring one for your personal or bus iness network.

Firewalls For Dummies®  helps you understand what firewalls are, how they operate on different types of networks, what they can and can’t do, and how to pick a good one (it’s easier than identifying that perfect melon in the supermarket.) You’ll find out about

  • Developing security policies
  • Establishing rules for simple protocols
  • Detecting and responding to system intrusions
  • Setting up firewalls for SOHO or personal use
  • Creating demilitarized zones
  • Using Windows or Linux as a firewall
  • Configuring ZoneAlarm, BlackICE, and Norton personal firewalls
  • Installing and using ISA server and FireWall-1

With the handy tips and hints this book provides, you’ll find that firewalls are nothing to fear – that is, unless you’re a cyber-crook! You’ll soon be able to keep your data safer, protect your family’s privacy, and probably sleep better, too.

Book Info
Guide written in plain English on how to guard your DSL and protect your personal information. Shows how to keep your network safe from viruses, saboteurs, eavesdroppers, and other bad guys. Softcover.

From the Back Cover
Guard your DSL and protect your personal information

Keep your network safe from viruses, saboteurs, eavesdroppers, and other bad guys

We don’t want to scare you, but "they" are out there! Don’t venture into lawless cyberspace without this trusty guide. It’ll help you evaluate the danger, understand how firewalls work, control what goes in or out, and choose the right firewall product for your home or business. You’re bound to sleep better!

The Dummies Way

  • Explanations in plain English
  • "Get in, get out" information
  • Icons and other navigational aids
  • Tear-out cheat sheet
  • Top ten lists
  • A dash of humor and fun

About the Author
Brian Komar is a native of Canada and makes his living as a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) consultant, speaker, author, and trainer. Brian speaks at conferences around the world on network design and security topics. His consulting practice focuses on PKI design and architecture projects and on research assignments specializing in interoperability between different vendor's security products.

 Ronald Beekelaar is a native of The Nethrellands, makes his living as network security consultant, author, and trainer. Ronald frequently trains network administrators on network design and enterprise security topics. He writes articles for several computer magazines, mostly about operating systems and security issues.

Joern Wettern, PhD, is a native of Germany and is a network consultant and trainer. Joern has also developed a range of training materials for a large software publisher, and these materials are used to train thousands of network administrators around the world. He frequently travels to several continents to speak at computer conferences.



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