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1760 1789 1793 1798 1802 1809 1833 1845 1846 1850 1874 1913 Account Addams Adventures Alexander Alexandre Alexandre_Dumas America America_Project American Americas Americas_Thirty Americas_Travels Andrew Appendix Arctic Arizona Arthur Asia Associates Austin Australia Autobiographical Barber Behavioral Behavioral_Science Biology Bishop Border British California Canada Canoe Captain Carl Charles Christian Christian_Denominations Christoph Christoph_Friedrich Church City Coast Collections Colony Contemporaries Correspondence Country Court Criminology Criticism Criticism_Collections David Davis Death Denominations Discoveries Dumas Edward Egypt Eight Eighteen Employment England English Europe Events Evolution Experience Fifty Fifty_Years First Five Five_Years Forty Forty_Years Four France Francis Francisco Franklin Frederich Frederich_Schiller Freeman French Friedrich Friedrich_Von Geographical Geography George Gilbert Gilbert_Parker Guinea Gulf Hawthorne Health Henry History Holt House Hughes Hull Hundred Hundred_Years India Indians Indies Interior Italian James Jane Jane_Addams Jebb Johann Johann_Christoph John Joseph Journey Kansas Kingsley Knox Laurence Letters Life Literature Literature_American Literature_English Literature_French London Louis Majesty Making Mary Mexico Middle Miles Mountains Movement Narrative Nathaniel Nine North North_America Observations Occult Oceania Oceania_Australia Owen Oxford Paper Parapsychology Parker Parts People Personal Peter Physical Plains Planter Plants Present Present_State Programs Progress Project Psychology Quebec Recollections Regional Regions Reminiscences Residence Resources Richard River Samuel San San_Francisco Schiller Science Second Service Setting Seventy Since Sister Sixty Sixty_Years Sketch Sketches Slave Slavery Social Society Southern Spanish Stanley States_Regional Steward Street Studies Surveys Synthesis System Tale Territories Thirteen Thirty Thirty_Years Thomas Toward Training Transportation Travels Twelve Union University Upper Variation Victoria Voice Von Von_Schiller Voyage Walter War Washington Watson Weavers Welfare West West_Indies William Written Years Years_Residence Years_War Youth Zealand