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1400 1800 1819 1839 1848 1861 1865 1872 1875 1901 Aborigines Account Active Acts Adam Adams Affairs Africa Against Agassiz Agency Aid America American Americas Amos Amusements Andrew Aphorisms Apology Appendix Appointments Army Arthur Articles Athens Augusta Ballantyne Benjamin Biology Bologna Brady Bray Brief Britain British Bryan Catechism Christianity Church Classical Collins Colonies Commentaries Commission Committee Commons Containing Cooper Correspondence Councils Country Cowper Dancer Dances Dancing Decades Descriptive Dialogues Diaries Diary Different Direction Earlier Educational Eleanor Eminent England English Entertainments Episcopal Essays Excursions Extracts Fact Familiar Female Fiction First Florence Forest Frances Freedmen Friends George Gideon Giving Grant Greece Grimes Harris Helena Helps Hemans Henry Herbert Highlands Historical History Home Homilies House Howard Hudson Illustrative Incidents Information Instruction Ireland James Jessie John John_George Joseph Knapp Lawrence Laws Leaves Lee Letter Letters Libraries Life Literary Literature Literature_American Literature_English Liturgy Lloyd Lord Louis Major Making Mark Mark_Twain Materia Materia_Medica Matter Medica Meeting Method Methods Minister Miscellanies Monasteries Monitor Moral Mss Murray Narrative Natural Natural_History Northern Observations Opinions Original Papers Paris Passages Personal Personal_Recollections Pharmacy Phillips Philosophy Poetry Political Prefixed Preparation Presented President Principally Private Producing Project Prose Quadrilles Queen Quotations Ralph Ravenna Reader Recollections Records Regarding Regional Relating Respecting Revolution Robert Robertson Rome Saint Same Samuel Samuel_Adams Schools Scotland Scripture Second Select Select_Committee Service Services Sketch Society Spring Stage State_Papers States_Regional Stewart Styles Succession Sufferings Syriac Taken Teacher Teachers Theological Theology Thomas Thomas_Wilson Times Timothy Tom Tours Translated Travels Twain Valentine Verse Victoria Virginia Visits Wells Wife William Wilson Writings Written Year