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1642 1684 1798 1800 1883 1908 Accented Acting Adam Alger Algernon Alice America American Amp Anarchism Ancient Andrew Andrew_Lang Annals Arthur Ayres Bab Bachelor Bacon Baldwin Ballads Barrack Battle Bell Belloc Bessie Beverley Blanche Blanche_Mcmanus Bliss Bloomfield Blue Borrow Brock Brooks Bundle Bush Canadian Cape Carleton Carman Carols Cary Cavalier Charles Charles_Swinburne Child China City Clinton Clinton_Scollard Coast Coleridge Collection Communism Companion Containing Continental Continental_European Couch County Crosby Dampier Danish Dante Dennis Dialogues Edwards England English English_Irish English_Verse European Farm Fields Fifth Fifty Four France Francis Francois Frank French Gabriel George Germanic Gilbert Godfrey Godfrey_Leland Gordon Grand Greenleaf Hamilton Hamilton_Wright Haven Hay Henry Henry_Borrow Henry_Morley Henry_Wadsworth Heroic Hilton Historical History Home Horatio Horatio_Alger Hymns Irish Italian James John John_Greenleaf John_Hay Jose Joseph Joseph_Crosby Kipling Lang Languages Later Lawton Legends Leland Leonard Letters Life Lincoln Lindsay Literature Literature_American Literature_English Literature_French Literature_Germanic Lockhart Longfellow Lost Louis Louis_Stevenson Lyrical Lyrical_Ballads Lyrics Mabie Mackay Maír Mcgee Mcmanus Meara Melodies Michael Moore Morley Moses Music Musical Nesbit Nichols Night Norse Noyes Occasional Original Oxford Party Patriotic Peace Personal Pieces Pike Playford Poems Poetry Political Popular Preface Prose Quiller Rayner Rhymes Rice Robert Robinson Romance Romance_Languages Romantic Room Rosary Rose Rossetti Rudyard Rudyard_Kipling Rural Russian Russian_Languages Samuel Scollard Scott Scottish Scottish_Welsh Second Sense Service Slavic Smith Socialism Socialism_Communism Song Songs Sound Spanish Stevenson Stories Swinburne Tales Taylor Taylor_Coleridge Thackeray Thanksgiving Thomas Thomas_Quiller Thorpe Translated Translations Truth Utopias Utopias_Anarchism Verse Verses Victory Voices Wadsworth Wallace Walter Walter_Scott War Welsh Wharton Whittier William William_Wordsworth Woodworth Wordsworth Wright York