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1999 Abuse Access Achievements Addiction Adolescence Advanced Advanced_Technology Africa Aging Agricultural Agriculture Alcohol Alternatives Applications Applied Arctic Assessing Assessment Barriers Basic Basic_Research Behavioral Behavioral_Science Better Biology Biomedical Biotechnology Board Care Careers Chalk Challenges Change Charles Chemical Chemical_Sciences Chemistry China Cleanup Climate Clinical Cognitive Collaboration Committee Communications Communities Community Computer Computer_Science Computing Concerns Conservation Continental Contraceptive Costs Council Cycle Deborah Defense Defense_Committee Department Descriptive Developing Development Directions Dorothy Drug Drug_Abuse Earth Earth_Science East Economic Economy Ecosystem Education Education_Board Education_Measuring Emerging Energy Engineering Entertainment Environment Environmental Environmental_Issues Everglades Experiment Facilities Factors Field Food Food_Nutrition Forecasting Fostering Frontiers Fundamentals Future Generation Genetic Geography Geological Geological_Survey Global Greater Growth Hawley Health Hidden History Human Hydrogen Hydrologic Identify Impacts Improve Improving Industries Industries_Land Industry Influences Information Instruction International International_Development Inventory Investigators Issues Kelley Labor Land Laura Learn Learning Linking Management Manufacturing Marine Marine_Maritime Maritime Mark Materials Mathematical Mathematical_Sciences Mathematics Measuring Medicine Medicine_Public Michele Middle Mind Modeling Naval Needs Neighborhood Nutrition Observations Observatory Obstacles Ocean Ocean_Studies Oceanography October Opportunities Panel Parry Pathways Paul Performance Phillips Physical Physical_Sciences Planet Plants Plasma Policy Preparing Prevention Priorities Problems Proceedings Process Processing Program Program_Committee Progress Project Quality Randolph Raymond Ready Reflections Related Relating Research_Committee Research_Council Research_Opportunities Research_Priorities Resources Restoration Reward Risks River Roles Rosemary Roundtable Scale Science Sciences Sciences_Committee Sciences_Roundtable Scientific Serve Simulation Social Social_Sciences Soil Solid Space Special Steering Stern Storage Strategy Strickland Studies Study Summary Survey Sustainable Synthesis Systems Teachers Technological Technologies Technology Third Timothy Timss Treatment Vapor Warfare Wastes Water Water_Quality Wessner William Willis Workshop World Youth